Dunsborough Girls Weekend.

With heightened anticipation I was really looking forward to a girls weekend away to the lovely town of Dunsborough, in WA’s lush south west region. I had co-ordinated 6 girls to head away for 3 days, not a small feat in everyones busy mad packed social schedules. With my car packed and loaded with goodies and supplies, shoes and clothes, camera and art supplies, I was ready to party!

I took the last two days in the week off school. I am huge advocate for a 4 day week, did you read my last post on this topic? But trumping this idea, I had a 3 day week! What a slacker right? I am all about enjoying the moment and living in the now and I think in general people work too much. So anyway, I like to encourage all my friends and readers to work less and play more. Just because you can. Back to Dunsborough…
I pulled up to my friends lovely holiday home along the coastline a few minutes out of central Dunsborough. My friend had kindly rented it to us for the weekend. I pulled open the blinds and opened the doors letting in all the fresh air and good positive energy. Oh, I felt relaxed already. White lillies sprinkled the extensive backyard, I could faintly hear the waves crashing from the beach, I was in heaven.
A few hours later my other friends began to arrive. We were all excited to be getting out of Perth for the weekend, all having our own reasons to rest, unwind, relax, and enjoy some girl time.
I rose early with another of my friends. She apparently always gets up early, fine with me! I wanted to make the most of the weekend and I wasn’t really interested in sleeping in. My energy levels were already escalating from the excitement of being away with my friends, I didn’t need much sleep, I was pumped on adrenalin, and life, and buzz and who knows what but I felt great.  I decided that 7.16am was a great time to start an art project.
“J, let’s do some art!!”
I don’t often get time to do any art, as much as I love it there always seems to be some thing else to do. I buy loads of art supplies to keep me motivated and inspired to start a project… but no, time never seems to be available. Not that morning. I was determined. I began sketching the garden outside as I was so inspired by its natural beauty. There just had to be faeries out there it was that amazing. I then decided to draw portraits of my friends, and then describe them really literally. This amused my creative mind and kept me focussed and quiet for a good while; much to the relief of my friends who I am sure were already starting to feel tired from my over enthusiastic/extra exuberant self. It is just so exciting to go away with all your friends for the weekend! YAY!
After our art session, it was time to get outside and get some fresh air! We all went for a brisk walk to the beach, chatting away happily, taking photos and feeling happy to be away. On return it was time to make a nice hearty breakfast! We tucked into a full cooked breakfast of bacon, eggs, fresh cherry tomatoes, spinach and feta cheese. Not long after that we all decided to pack into the car and go on a little tiki tour of Dunsborough.
With a loaded car we were off. Girls gone wild! Well not quite. The weather was the wildest part of our morning, apart from lots of giggling and jostling in the back seat. Cold wind and rain kept our outdoor activities to a minimum… which for me was a shame. I love being outdoors and too much indoor time makes me all pent up and cabin fevery! We jumped in and out of the car to take photos and breathe in the spectacular scenic locations.
We went here there and everywhere, including Bunker Bay, Meelup Beach, Sugar loaf rock, and then to Eagle Bay brewery for lunch and a cheeky cider. It was AWESOME. Every time I go down south I always think, ‘damn we should come down here more often’. It really is not that far away and it is so beautiful and green and lush and lovely. After the Brewery we popped into Wise Winery for a quick sample, then onward bound to Gabriels chocolates, via an Art Gallery and a back street, because some how I missed the turn off for Caves road. But getting lost/finding a detour made it more exciting for me. We travelled down back streets I had not seen before, and it was great. There are so many wineries and beautiful places down there, you could spend weeks exploring.
After much touring, it was time to head home, relax, crank the heaters up and get cosy for a night in. The girls hit the couch as soon as we made it through the front door, it was quiet time for them. But I was just getting started! My energy levels were through the roof and I wasn’t calming down anytime soon! Really I should have gone for a big run or something energetic to calm me down, but instead I was lucky. We had a new arrival and she was keen to play GAMES!!!!
I love board games, so out came Yahtzee! We smashed out some good rolls, had a few drinks and continued with hyper energy, I was having a ball. The girls eventually cranked up again and we all played another game together, firstly Uno and then one called Speed-Bo. I LOVE GAMES. They just make me more over excited!! I think it’s because I am an only child and the fact someone is actually playing with me just makes me happy. I really am very easily pleased.
One of the highlights of the night was our random lounge room dance off. We represented Latvia, Azerbaijan, Canada and Australia. I performed an amazing floor routine and there were excellent dance moves presented all round. We were having a blast!
I dare say I was a little weary in the morning after my over exuberant efforts the night previous, but still I was good to go! We decided on more art, another walk and another awesome cooked breakfast. Going away for the weekend really is one of the funnest things to do!
Time passed quickly, after some well needed down time, reading, a few more games, it was time to head to the local pub for lunch. Roast dinners were ordered and we played a home made game, learning more about each other than perhaps we needed to know! Still it was fun, and a creative light way to spend our day.
With sad faces it was time to pack up and return to Perth. I really could have stayed another 5 weeks, but alas, it was time to return to work the next day and get back to Perth life. We all hugged good bye, grateful for the good times and life long memories we had made on our epic ‘Dunsborough girls weekend’.
Thanks for all the fun times girls!! I loved it!! Let’s do it all over again sometime soon!
Love Anita xx

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