Why we should all work 4 days a week.

As I nibbled on my crispy bacon at 11.15am I was pretty chuffed with myself. I was loving my mid week day off. It occurred to me that this brilliance needs to be shared. I am the latest advocate for the most amazing, ingenious, wonderfully relaxing 4 day working week.

It sounds simple and it is. 4 days of work per week. That’s it. In a nutshell. Work is over rated, besides being the single most important way to bring home the bacon, rather than spending all your time buying that bacon, why not spend more time cooking and eating it on your day off? Live a little. Just one extra day has made all the difference for me in my mental well being.

I wish I could see this image with my own eye! So beautiful!

I work 2 days, rest, then work 2 more days, then congratulate myself with 2 more days off. It really is genius. Perhaps reducing our spending in ways that could be unnecessary, more clothes, more shoes, more dinners out, change that way of spending,  and enjoy what you have and work less to achieve more. Is this what they call slow living? Or slack living? Haha!

A wonderful illustration by Esra Roise. 

I am anything but slow. I do most things fast. So fast I can’t even keep up with myself sometimes. I jam in as many social activities as possible, I plan out my days, I write long to do lists, and I try to keep busy. I was taught to live like this, but I have also taught myself to slow down (a little) and enjoy peaceful days too.

As a massive storm passed through my neighbourhood this morning, I gladly made another cup of coffee and continued pottering around the house, enjoying one activity to another. I was glad not to have to commute, not to have to go to work, not to have to press repeat again. Instead I can press CREATE. I have allowed myself days off to give myself space and time and flexibility. Time to breathe, to think, to process, to plan, to get all those little jobs done that we never seem to have time for. And to even do all my Saturday morning chores, so I can now enjoy my Saturdays like a proper day off. Whatever that may look like.

Painting by a talented artist called Nancy Medina.

As the rain came down, tinkering on the roof loudly, I felt calm and peaceful. Reducing our stress levels is super important in the highly charged world we live in. I try to spend less time on my phone these days, get off the screens. Writing  is different. Even though I am still on screen, I am doing, sharing, expressing, being creative and ideally inspiring you my reader with my light bulb ideas.

When was the last time you gave yourself a day off? You know you are replaceable. We all think it would be the worst thing in the world to take a day off, what would people do without us? Trust me, they will survive. Even going to a 4 day week sounds so thrilling and naughty and non conformist, but really, it is great. Trust me. I am doing it. Right now.

Life really has thrown some curve balls lately for me personally. It has been a little topsy turvy emotionally, but finally things are calming down again. The storm has passed through, some extra light showers, but the lightning bolts and thunder have subsided, and the calm after the storm in my mind is here, phew, I made it through.

In the depth of my despair, nature and photography continued to help me. If you are feeling flat I highly recommend getting outside as much as you can. It is an excellent distractor and a reminder that whatever it is coasting through your chaotic mind, it will all work out okay in the end. It too will pass.

Flowers are my booster, they bring me so much joy. The  ocean helps tremendously too. What helps you when you are in a funk?


When was the last time you had a day off work? I am slowly becoming more comfortable with my 4 day work week and I hope I can continue them into the future, and not succumb to social pressure to work like a mad person 5 days a week. 5 days a week? Now that is tiring! Haha!

Have a good day, whether you are slaving over a computer at work, or enjoying a break in the sun, I hope my article has brought you a little piece of joy!

Love Anita xx

15 thoughts on “Why we should all work 4 days a week.

  1. Thanks! Glad you liked it!! Yes I was determined to give myself more time to recharge refresh and be creative. Its so rewarding getting all those jobs done you dont normally have time for.

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  2. It was hard for me to find the guts to ask my employer, but once I did, I immediately felt better for it. They were really supportive as well – reminding me that my health and happiness comes first. It really has made a huge difference!

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  3. Work 4 days a week, but how many hours per day? As a nurse I used to work three 12-hour shifts (days) per week and it drove me crazy. It would seem that working 3 days per week is great, but the 12 hour-shift that a nurse spends working in a hospital takes a toll on her or his mental well-being in the long run. I quit doing that and advocate for 8-hr shifts for nurses, but so far I’m a lonely voice since there are so many zealous young nurses who are willing to go this way without any thought. In does matter how many hours one works per day. Those 4 extra hours in addition to the classic 8 can feel excruciating. There are studies on the benefits versus detriments of 12-hr shifts for nurses, showing that in the long run it contributes to burn-out and job dissatisfaction. But it is still going on. I love that you brought up this aspect of our daily lives. I always thought that life is short and should be enjoyed fully with as little interference from society as possible. But it depends on the individual, as well. Some people like to be at a job because otherwise they would not know what to do with themselves and get bored. Others love nature, have creative talents or hobbies, or like to read, and can’t get enough spare time. My goal now at 48 years old is to work as little as possible and get to know myself better. And this world.

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  4. Thanks Liliana for your very thoughtful comment! Its ironic because tomorrow being Wednesday I normally have off…but I have just accepted a contract for 4 weeks full time! So there goes my lovely day off for now. But it will be back in 4th term. Enjoy your ‘getting to know yourself better’ time!! Its all we have! Xx


  5. Its funny because after I wrote this my workload increased, I accepted a new contract which meant 5 days a week! I have just come off 2 weeks holidays so that has made up for it! But yes, 4 days is bliss!

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