Kings Park Exploration.

After school recently I decided to head to the park for a photo session. I had been planning it for a few days, dreaming of it, anticipating it, and every day I drove past the park without my camera I would chastise myself for forgetting. Finally, on this day, prepared and organised with walking clothes and camera, I was ready for a Kings park exploration.

Kings Park is a massive inner city park here in Perth. It is one of the largest in the world at 4.06 sq. km, and even bigger than New York’s central park. According to Wikipedia it is ‘a mixture of grassed parkland, botanical gardens and natural bushland, with two-thirds of the grounds conserved as native bushland. With panoramic views of the Swan River and the city, it is home to over 324 native plant varieties, 215 known indigenous fungi species and 80 bird species. And I love it. I have been visiting the park since I was a child to play, cartwheel ( I once did 50 cartwheels in a row here, yes I was a mad cartwheeler with lots of energy)and swing on swings, and now as an adult for photography and walks and picnics.

I walked along happily admiring the many different wildflowers blooming for the first day of Spring. I was happy. I love walking outside in nature. For me it is a really big energy boost and not only is it good to get the body moving but to clear your mind. Life has been non stop lately and I really needed some ‘ME’ time to do as a please at my own pace and to enjoy the simple things, flowers. I really do love flowers, can you tell?

I walked right along the edge of the park and then made my way back through the depth of the park. It really was wonderful to snap away at what ever took my fancy. I enjoy the focus required in photography and often I hold my breath trying to get the perfect photo.

Kangaroo Paws are really unique to Australia, and I love the vibrant colour that comes out of them. You can see in one of my images the unique paw effect on one of the fronds. Wild orchids and gum tree flowers are also so pretty.

These above pink ones are one of my favourites. I wait for them every year to come out in bloom and I always get very excited when they have blossomed in their spot in the park. You often see many other people photographing them.

I hope you have liked my photo exploration here, and if you are inspired to paint, draw or illustrate from any of my images, please do! And show me your finished work, or blog about it referencing me too so I can see it! I aim to inspire!

When was the last time you went out to explore your natural environment?

Anita xx

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