Part 1: Arriving into Hedland.

Part 1: Arriving into Hedland.

On my new walking route. And check out the cool coloured orb in purple and green, I felt like it could be my Mums spirit, but I am a bit loopy like that! Its still a cool effect!
Recently I have embarked upon another new adventure! Even though I was ready to settle back in Perth after my return from Darwin, the universe had other plans for me. I am glad I said yes, so far it has been a very interesting experience.
I agreed to the new flying squadron job on Friday, and by Sunday I was in the car packed and raring to go. The flying squadron is a unique division of the education department of Teachers who are lucky enough to be employed all over the state in any school for short term contracts. I am currently in the pool and it was great to be offered this job, at a time of so much uncertainty.
I drove 2 days from Perth, just over 1700km to get to Hedland, on the north west coast of WA. I stayed overnight in a remote town called Meekatharra halfway. Some people can drive all the way through in one day! I could have too, but why rush? My favourite part of the drive was passing through Newman, the countryside turns suddenly, hills and mountain ranges pop up out of nowhere, and everything looks greener and lusher and taller trees grow, with white ghosty trunks and tinkering light jade leaves. It is magical. I look forward to driving back down there to a national park called Karijini for more exploring and a chance to take some good photos.

I have been pleasantly surprised by the school. Apparently it has a bad reputation, but honestly I have found it to be one of the best schools I have ever taught in. Everyone is really friendly, enthusiastic and motivated and very professional. I really admire my head of department and love her management style, I would stand on my head if she asked me to. AND I am really enjoying teaching art and photography! It is a new teaching area for me but so far it has been great to feel so much enthusiasm about the teaching content again. Quite refreshing. And most importantly the kids have been really good too, friendly, and so far behaving themselves, lets keep it that way!

I have already made some new friends and been quite social already which is great. Taking walks, and having dinners together and I have even invited myself along to a camping trip! The boldness of an only child strikes again! Lol! We are heading out to Point Samson just north of Karratha in a few weeks, so that will be fun. I plan to jam in as much into this short term experience as possible. I may even stay a little longer.

Sometimes in life we just have to make the most of the new opportunities that present to us. Often when you push yourself out of your comfort zone and extend yourself you realise that these opportunities are a gift! I feel very grateful I have the chance to learn so many new skills and enjoy a completely new experience. And as I watch the news on the TV this morning and see the rain hammering down sideways in Perth right now, I am appreciative of yet another sunny 34 degree day here, permanent summer conditions here in the Pilbara!

I do still really miss Darwin! I ran out of there so quickly a month or so ago, panicked by the pandemic, that I realise now it was a rushed decision. However, it has all worked out in my favour currently, so I have to realise everything happens for a reason. I am thinking I will go back to Darwin next dry season and get back to all those fun social activities like markets, swimming and going out, and getting back to working relief at my beloved Essington and the Entertainment centre. That was a great combination of jobs! We will see what the future brings but it is good to have future plans.

Okay nice short and sweet one for you this time. Hope you enjoy the photos and I will be sure to report back again soon!

Anita 🙂 xx

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