Part 2: Hedonistic in Hedland

A pretty yellow flower I found on my coastal walk.
Hedland so far has been one of the most amazing experiences in teaching! I know, big statement! It just goes to show, the importance of saying yes to new opportunities and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.
My new favourite flower the Sturt Desert Pea. They are about to blossom every where here soon.
I have been living in South Hedland for just over 5 weeks now. I have gone above and beyond expectation (in my mind at least) and have agreed to extend my contract until the end of the term, essentially doubling my commitment. This is good for me and I am really learning a lot and it really is great to have my own position again after being a relief teacher for so long. I have the opportunity to teach art and photography right now and it has been amazing. A whole new teaching area for me, and I must say it has been great to teach back in the arts again, in this very important and highly valuable creative area.
Sunrise at Point Samson, Karratha.
For me the arts are everything. I love being creative and expressive and making, and to be in a position where I can encourage my students to do the same feels wonderful. My own creative juices continue to flow and I have had a surge of interest in painting and illustrating again. I find inspiration all around me, magic open landscapes, the changing colour palettes of the outback I try to memorise, and so many new flowers and trees and birds.
Sunrise again at Point Samson


A painting I made for a friend for her birthday.
I have been taking walks everyday and I always find something new to admire and appreciate. My new favourite walk is along the coastline here from the new aquatic centre at Port Hedland heading back along the coast towards the port. It is so beautiful at sunset and really at any time of the day. It passes by Cemetery beach, which sounds grim, but is quite the opposite as it is a turtle sanctuary and breeding ground from October to February. I am sad I will miss it at this stage, but perhaps I will return, we will see! I love turtles. I also bought a turtle pendant to remind me of my time here, you know, just supporting the local economy!
Pretty pool at sunset. 
I have made some fabulous new friends and have been spending most of my free time with them. We have dinner and lunches together, go for coffee and cake and play games, ofcourse I taught them my faves, yahtzee and rumi kub! We talk and talk and talk and laugh just as much and I feel I have made some new lifelong friends, they really are great. Sometimes I feel we are destined to meet certain people in life, and these two ladies fall into that category! I have hardly had anytime to rest and do nothing, I just always have something to do here. It is great! Most weekends have been jam packed with activity and road trips and some sort of adventure. Let me think back and tell you some stories.

Last weekend I went on a great hike near Whim creek. I was invited by someone I have just met recently, and it was GREAT! Something I wouldn’t normally do, but a wonderful experience. A challenging walk ensued, frequent stabbing by spinafex, and then scaling on hands and feet up a rocky face hill. The view from the top was spectacular, open and wide across rolling hills, a spattering of purple wildflowers, not enough in my opinion, but one must be patient when it comes to wildflowers. I can’t wait to see more Desert Peas which are due to blossom soon, and perhaps some wattle which looks imminent too. More walks will be required!
Whim creek hike, spectacular colours and even better company!


We hiked up all these rocks like rock wallabies!
The weekend before I went with a couple of friends on a road trip to Karratha. We spent a bit of time at the shops buying all sorts of random things as any good shopper can do, had some lunch then enjoyed a relaxing evening out at Point Samson. It was a really scenic place and a good for photography at sunset and sunrise. There was a wild weather front coming in so there was a lot of wind. The sky was surprisingly clear at night and boasted a broad canopy of stars for our bewitched gazing. I love being out in the bush, it is calming to my senses, energising and restoring to your soul. I look forward to many camping trips!
There is much to explore around here and I know I have only scratched the surface. I need a better car that can take me to more remote roads, so that will be the plan in the near future. Karijini National park, Millstream NP and coastline to the north and south are all up for exploring close by. It is a magic part of the world I have landed in!
Some interesting shells I found at the beach. 

I am just over halfway through my experience here in the Pilbara now. I know I will not want to leave at the end, and perhaps I won’t! There is a lot of opportunity up here in many different working areas, sometimes you have to be prepared to think outside the square and move beyond your home town. I am very lucky I have had those opportunities and experiences so far. I plan to keep my mind open and aware for more new enriching life experiences, because for me this is what life is all about. Making the most of your every day, and making every day as awesome as you possibly can. Make it memorable and exhilarating, fun and uplifting. It really is only up to you to make that happen. Go for it!!!
The iconic water tower in Port Hedland.
A cool piece of aboriginal art I found in the front office. 
Hope you enjoy my photos and stories so far!
I will aim for at least another two parts to complete my Pilbara blog adventure.
Feel free to say hello and ask me any questions or tell me which photos you liked the best.
With love,
Anita xx

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