Day 12 from Quarantine, the madness continues…

Today according to my diary I was planning to take a road trip from Darwin to Katherine and Lake Argyle and Kununurra. Wouldn’t that have been good? It is technically the end of term one in Darwin and was the start of my school holidays, hence a little road trip out to the great big red and green natures wonderland. But no. In this parallel universe, aka plan J, I find myself back in my home in Perth on Day 12 of my quarantine. How life has changed! But hasn’t it for everyone?

I have decided to find inspirational art for this post. You can look up the artist where signed. SO important to sign your art! Isn’t this cute and hopeful? 
As I rest cucumber slices on my eye bags I have time to reflect on my reality, wayyyy too much time. My skin feels dry and cracked after exiting my lovely past humid home of Darwin. My dry scaly skin will adapt eventually. I haven’t had the chance to enjoy all my Perth things just yet, as I literally came straight from the airport to purgatory. Haha, its not that bad. At least I have my garden to play in, unlike those other suckers stuck in a hotel room. Fancy, but no one wants to stay in just one room for 14 days.
Great job Rachel Grant! Love these colours and all of it, and the fact it saids Sunday and its actually Sunday as I write this makes it all more pertinent! (Wow that was a big word brain well done!)


I have had all the emotions on a day to day basis. Most of the time I am okay. Remain calm and just go from one banal activity to another. All my stuff was delivered from a friend the other day so that gave me something to do, unpack all my crap. Looking around after being away for over 9 months, I feel so less attached to my stuff. I almost despise it all! Too much stuff! Argh! I really want to do a big clear out and start fresh. Get back to the bare essentials. Well I have plenty of time to do all that! Don’t we all?
Not sure who did this as the signature wasn’t clear… but its cute. Great bright colours. I am feeling inspired to do some art! Are you? 


I must say I am really grateful for the wonderful friends I have in my life. They have really stepped up to support me, and I am really appreciative. It warms my heart! Random frequent phone calls, to commiserate, joke around, laugh about silly things, and catch up on all the goss. One of my friends went and collected all my things with a trailer and brought it to me, so nice! And another friend brought me 4 bags of fresh fruit and vegetables! Giant bag of frozen blueberries, edamame beans, vegetables and the most delicious grapes and strawberries plus!. SO kind! I want to return all these favours and acts of kindness. I will endeavour to do what I can in the future to be more helpful to my friends. Maybe they want some watercolour pictures of me? lol. Can’t give those suckers away. A permanent reminder of my neediness. lol. All the lols. Mmm cucumber on the eye sacks, so good. Go try it now if you have a cuekey ( Pronounced cue key, short for cucumber, aka my Estonian housemate and I used to call them this!), go on, you have time.
Another piece by Anna Blatman, this inspires my flower field of dreams one day and my country house, which ideally will come into existence one day. 


Time is what we all have right now. Too much of it! It really is an unusual time in history, the weirdest. Apparently we are all in this together, yeah kind of, in social isolation! It is a weird kind of together isn’t it? We can all relate to the jail like terms we find ourselves in. And we can all collectively freak out about the lack of job, or finances or certainty about the future. Perhaps the survival of the fittest mantra is the one we need to look at here. And not the fattest… because I know we are all working hard on that right now. My inability to go out and exercise is driving me mental!! Once I can get out, that will be part of my new routine, big walks/jogs/cycles, and trips to the beach, if they keep it open!
Another brilliant painting Anna Blatman! Love the strong colours and contrasting pink and blues. Hell yes!


Try not to fall into the trap of being super productive right now. I mean good on you if you have ticked all your boxes daily, but jeeze, I certainly have an attention span of a ferret and zippo motivation. I go to the mat of hope ( yoga mat) and last about 1.2 minutes. I just can’t be fucked. The CBF scale is very high. I just roll off and go for a snack. Lucky I still have a good sense of humour. As my tears of laughter wipe the cucumber juice from my eyes I realise a good laugh is really what we all need right now. It’s time for some fresh cue key slices. Arghh thats better. Have you tried it yet?
How good are these colours? Love it. I think this is by Hitesh Durgani but I could be wrong. Please signature your work artists!


I have been thinking about getting a cat, it would be good for company. But I know, just have a good feeling that I will be off again somewhere in the near future, once the borders open again! Maybe I should just foster? That could be better. I always wanted to foster a greyhound. I just don’t want my garden to get dug up and shat on. Mainly. And I remember taking a greyhound for a walk once for a friend and it lasted about 150m. Seriously dog?! You so lazy!!! So maybe I have talked myself out of that one. As for a cat, well maybe an old one would be okay. That only has like a year left. I could do a year. No kitten for this commitment phobe! Meow.
Something we all need to do more of right?? Swim and breathe!! Sorry not sure who the artist is but it’s great. 
Well only a few days left of being cooped up like a pigeon, my first break out will be to the beach, and then to the shops and then to a friends house, just one friend at a time! I am hoping to adopt a backpacker too, or get a housemate, some company would be good. And then I want a new job, and if I could get that stupid Centrelink website to work and load my claim that would be great too. Anyone had any luck in that department? More than anything I would love to have a dinner party with my friends, eat some good food, pop some champagne, celebrate life, play a million games of Yahtzee and RumiKub, and soak in my non existent bath tub. Keep dreaming people! And one day your dreams just might come true.
Last one! Looks simple enough right? I might give this idea a go! Another great artwork from Anna Blatman. 


I decided to feature some amazing art that I have come across in Pinterest. So many talented people out there! I hope it offers you a spark of inspiration and passion. The colours alone have brought me some joy this morning. This blog is honestly a mutually satisfying passion, I hope you continue to enjoy my writing and features.
All the best in the worst right now,
Anita xx
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