Reporting from Quaro.

Quaro= meaning quarantine. Much more restrictive than Iso=isolation. The situation here in Perth is GRIM. I have written this blog in my head a number of times. Chuckling to myself at all the stupid little stories and memes and anecdotes that are so ridiculous you cry laugh. Or is that just me? I just banged another batch of honey joys in the oven, and I am ready for an update. Trust me I have heaps of time.
All good ideas in theory, you just have to have the attention span and the motivation!!!


Time is not really the problem, it is the attention span that needs work. I have always been bad at this one anyway, but in quaro, it is particularly bad. People are like, GREAT you have all this time to do all these things and get so much done. Well fuck that. I have done all the things. I cleaned the windows, did the gardening, decluttered ( a bit, always more to be done there), and just moved from the couch to the table to outside to inside and finally to bed, fucking relieved to get through another DAY IN ISOLATION!!!!!! Help! Someone send me some sanity!
And who knows how long this madness will last?
I fear our world will never go back to what we had. OR am I being dramatic? Yes no maybe.
My garden here in Perth! I grew a forest!!! YAY!


So I had a mad dash out of Darwin, and it was a really hard to decision to make. It was like a really bad game of chess where all the facts kept changing, and pieces kept moving. And then suddenly borders were closing and panic stations hit overdrive, and I BAILED! I flew that coop. As fast as I could. I was even tempted to jump in the car and madly drive to the border as fast as possible. If I had done that I would not be in quaro right now. Anyhow, needless to say there were too many things to consider all at once. But now I find myself in a precarious predicament, like the rest of the world. Jobless, riding solo, and barefoot and pregnant. Okay, minus the last part. Certainly bra less! Free boobs around the world rejoice in our freedom!
Before I left Darwin I went on a mini weekend away with some friends into Kakadu. Here are some pics from a little sunrise river cruise we did. Oh it feels like a million years ago we had so much fun!

I have never watched so much netflix or for that matter watched so many funny cat and dog videos. One in particular had me laughing so hard, my abs were shocked! It was a dog running repetitively into a pile of leaves. Fucking hilarious. SO simple. But so funny. Turns out there is only so much netflixing one can do. Made that up. Sure you can use it. Do you know what has got me through so far? I binged out on Schitts Creek, all 5 seasons, and now Ozark Season 3. What will I devour next?? Feel free to make suggestions!
I have done some art, but have even lost my mojo for that. That is when you know it’s bad. I am tired of drawing my own fucking face. lol. I try to draw another face but I can’t. I don’t want to draw you/me anymore! Fuck off! lol. But no, every time I go to draw, you fucking turn up again. I am serious! lol.
Sort of me.


On a bright note my honey joys are ready. Cornflakes with honey and butter baked into little cupcakes of joy. Straight to my arse no doubt. Wow haven’t we all had a blow out in the last few weeks??? I was doing so well going to the gym and not drinking and being all skinny and brown up in Darwin. Well…quaro has turned me into a dero. ( I cant even remember what this is short for my aussie friends?Not delinquent, but like a daggy person…) Urghh, my brain. It is not functioning very well with all this social isolation and not being flexed enough.
I want to keep this one short and sweet. Stay strong people. Apparently we are all in this together, even though it feels more lonely than ever. Keep talking on the phone, reaching across the fence to neighbours and chatting to whoever the fuck will chat back.
I will leave you with a few photos from past and present 🙂
The view from my old balcony in Darwin. I will certainly miss these sunsets and these views. Ohhh Darwin, I miss you already!


Will we though?? haha. 


Shout out to Lyn my neighbour who has been my lifeline to the world!!!! She has been running up to the shops for me and keeping me alive. In exchange I aim to fatten her up with chicken soup, lasagne and honey joys. So far. At least I can cook right!?
Getting more insane by the day, over and out, but certainly not sick, only in the head,
Anita xx

6 thoughts on “Reporting from Quaro.

  1. Hi there, from Kiwi-land, sharing similar experiences. It’s hard to settle to doing stuff I normally do, but I think that I’m more or less on track now. Though yesterday was a downer. I am trying to sketch everyday and am posting on a site for those so inclined. I’ve gone off housework, but that’s ok, gives me more time to sketch, write, read and contact friends. Good luck with everything. Stay sane. Vivienne

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  2. Hi Anita…. Yes it’s almost similar for many around the world. However, this is a great time to look to things more closely which otherwise ‘we don’t have time’. Can be a flower, a plant, a bird, and more importantly self! There are many avenues to do things sitting at home, if you really want spend time. However, I feel, you can pick the top things at the moment to get to max happiness (not as great as going out may be). Then start and do greater things there…ex: drawing (i liked your drawings, they are with life!), explore more on that, connect to groups and target to publish a book with thought provoking pics!! You could add one or two shorter meditation and breathing to your daily list!
    And… continue the tasty soups for your neighbor!
    Hope you become happier and happier…
    Stay safe, stay happy!!
    Tough times make us stronger and refined!🙏🙏

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