I had a rare day off today, and it was great. It is so good to take time out from our busy schedules and just have a ME day. What would you do if you had a day off just for you? What would be your perfect day? A sleep in? A cooked breakfast? Yoga in the garden? Lunch out? Read a book in bed? So many good options.

I think we work too much in our lives, and I had a bit of an epiphany today. I realise that we spend a lot of our time distraction ourselves from living our life on purpose. Or is that just me? If you are consciously trying to work on improving your life, then great. But wow, is it hard to stay on track!? There are so many distractions. The stupid phone is just one of them. Then there is Facebook, Instagram, emails, phone calls, cleaning, eating, television. I feel like it is never ending. But quite honestly, I feel like I have successfully distracted myself through most of my life! It is time to make some changes and get on point!

Another fun thing I did today, amongst many, was take a drive out to a unique piece of bushland and take a little peaceful walk. I have been on the hunt to see the donkey orchids that are out at the moment, and I was in for treat. Here are some photos of the little beauties. I love our Australian flora, it is just so beautiful!


I am reading a new book at the moment and it is called “Stop Playing Safe; Rethink risk, unlock the power of change and achieve outstanding success.” Hell yeah! I feel like I have been playing it safe for too long and I know I need to reach out and make some changes. I am only a few pages in, but the gist of what I have learned so far is the importance of honouring a calling rather than just doing a job. It has pressed on the idea of following your innate talents, your passions and natural skills and finding a way to make money out of that. Hell yes. I know that photography, writing and gardening are the three things I love the most in my life. Now how to work out how to make an income from these three amazing passions? The choice is endless!

Here are more donkey orchids, they make everything better:

So it turns out you can play Backgammon all by yourself! I know that sounds super weird, but I really want to improve my game and with out having any one to play against, I decided to give it a go solo. Turns out I can even beat myself! I am learning some new strategies to win, and I think my game has improved after playing 43 games yesterday.  It was quite addictive, ‘just one more’ I would say to myself, like a little gammon junkie. I love my games. Sure, it is way more fun to play with other people, but it is good to know I can smash out some games any time I like from now on!

My housemate and I hosted a big party last Saturday night, which was REALLY FUN! It was so great to have the house full of people eating and dancing and talking and enjoying themselves. It was a great atmosphere, with lots of good food, and good company. This time I asked everyone to bring a plate to share and it was a delicious way to get a good spread of food we could all enjoy.

8ec6c187947cd04a9e9538cb860730f3 showing a beautiful red kangaroo paw.

I am already thinking about my next party, which will be my birthday in December. By then it will be warm enough to spend more time in the garden, and I am planning to make it a theme party, come as something starting with A. So many good options! An alien, Alice Cooper, ant, Aphrodite, can you think of some good A themed ideas? I notoriously do not like dress up parties, I am a pooper like that. But I find that when I do make the effort and see everyone all dressed up, it is so much FUN! And that is what it is all about right!?

Spring has rolled around making me appreciate nature so much more. I just love this time of year when all the flowers are popping up after their dormant period. I have many blooms in my garden right now including daisies, cherry blossoms, lavender, even a bright fuchsia pop of a geranium. I have a renewed interest in geraniums, they are so hardy, perpetually green and can flower in such a range of bright colours, now that is impressive. I have been known to collect geranium cuttings from my walks around the neighbourhood to add to my growing collection.

I took this photo of a bright yellow wattle. Apparently it gives people really bad hay fever. I must be one of the lucky ones!

I can not believe how fast this year has gone. It is quite ridiculous. Every year seems to repeat the last, with only some small additions. Life really does change all the time, it just doesn’t seem like it. I have been in my own place for nearly 2 years now, and I have really made a beautiful home inside and out. My garden is my absolute sanctuary, but I also love my inside space, so buying my first place worked out really well! I do still have plans to move to the country though. When and where and how are all still to be determined at this point in time…

So my letter writing project has blown out to above expectation which is brilliant! I am now writing letters to friends in Wales, Manchester, Holland, Cyprus, New York, Nova Scotia, and Warburton (country WA). And they all owe me letters! Lol! One day I wrote three in a day, but generally I am now waiting for them all to come back to me. I love the anticipation of a handwritten letter in my letter box! So fun. If you are from Asia or some other random place in the world outside of these countries and you would like to write letters with me than please let me know! I can always add one more I think!

I also took this photo of a banksia at my local park. So pretty!

I know I need to write a book. Writing is so easy for me. And we need to do what is easy for us in life right? And it is not about the money but more about the achievement of the goal, or the joy in doing it. Anyhow, that is food for thought.

Okay well that is enough of an update I think! Hope this finds you well and happy and motivated. If not, take some time in nature, go for a walk, listen and watch out for the birds and the trees, that always makes me feel better.

Anita xx

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