October 2018: Road tripping, dating and everything in between…

October 2018:

OMG there is so much to write about! I have not been writing my blog for awhile now, and I regret that. Writing is so important for me, such an abundant creative flow outlet, I honestly feel like some thing is missing from my life when I am not writing. Okay, so get comfortable, this one is going to be jam packed and juicy. Agenda items to cover (mainly so I don’t forget): Road trip, barefoot joy, dating update, health kick, & what I am reading.

So on my recent school holidays I went on an epic road trip! It was AWESOME! I invited a german backpacker girl to come along with me on my rad (yes short for radical) trip, and she was GREAT. We met only briefly, but both wanted the same thing: An awesome adventure! Winning! So off we set, days later, on a trip that covered close to 3000km.
I woke early on the first day at 4am, eager to get going, I ruffled my new friend awake, and before we knew it, we were off. We made it to Newman on our first day, a mining town about 1200km north east. It was hot and full of sticky pesky flies, but I was happy to be out in the countryside again. The scenery had been amazing on the first day already, we started with fog, then came across many different types of colourful wildflowers, wild goats and cows, and a whole lot of nothing. But the nothing is just as interesting, changing landscapes from dry to arid to trees to barren, I loved all of it. I kept taking photos in my mind, as it is quite annoying stopping the car every 5 minutes for another scenery shot, but trust me, I wanted to.
On the second day we drove straight into Karijini National Park, where we spent the day walking at Dales gorge and swimming in my favourite pool of water in the whole world, Fern Pool. It is a very special place, aqua blue water, with delicate maiden hair ferns growing out of rocks all around, I love it. That night we stayed in Tom Price with a lovely lady Susie I met off couch surfing. The next day we went out to Hamersley Gorge, taking a small walk and swimming in ice cold water. Afterwards we warmed our bodies like contented lizards in the sun. That afternoon we relaxed in town, went swimming at the local swimming pool and played games, back gammon and Yahtzee. I am a major game player, and my friend was BRILLIANT because she wanted to play games with me all the time. What a great friend eh? She is my new best friend. Forever. I would even invite her to my birthday sleepover pool party. If I had one…I used to all the time as a kid. An adult pool party sleepover sounds WAY MORE FUN. Lol. I just need a pool… only draw back.

After 2 nights in Tom Price we hit the coast at Exmouth, a lovely fishing town and pumping with school holiday popularity. We got amongst it at the caravan park, sadly I had to pitch my swag close to the main drag (road). I didn’t travel 2000km to the countryside to sleep where I can hear every car! Well this night I did… Oh well. I like the facilities of a caravan park, but not the masses of people! The best part about Exmouth would have to be Turquoise bay, where we spent the best part of the morning, tanning, relaxing, reading, and swimming. I loved it. Until hoards of humans descended on our tranquil white sandy haven, it was then time to find a less popular beach. And we did! Minutes down the road, we found our own little spot, and we soon made the most of it by skinny dipping in the sea! YAY! So fun! The random stray lone man fishing from his kayak was pretty happy with the view I am sure…

The next day we headed to Coral Bay, another highly popular place to vacay, but fun. It was grand final day, football madness had taken over Australia. Lucky for us, it meant less people at the beach, perfect! We enjoyed a mostly quiet arvo while everyone was glued to the TV. YES! The highlight for me was found early the next morning, I woke super early and went for a walk and snorkel (that totally fits in the same sentence!) I found myself in a tropical fish oasis! It was incredible. It was like I was swimming in an aquarium, multiple coloured fish, brilliant blue, tiny ones to giant ones, I saw so many different types and they were all beautiful. Pity I forgot to bring my underwater camera, but I did take some good memory shots. In my mind. Sorry, you will just have to go there yourself!

Denham and Shark bay was our next destination. We had a great quiet spot close to the beach here, although super windy, we were very happy to spend another 2 nights here. We went out to Monkey Mia in the morning, spent some time in the water, and spotted many dolphins and fish frenzied pelicans. Back to Denham for the afternoon, we found the water to be amazing in colour and the clouds just right for some colourful cloud and ocean photography! Luckily I had my gorgeous model of a backpacking friend to pose for some good shots. Thank you Jocy!

We then made our way to Kalbarri. Kalbarri is well known for its impressive cliffs and ofcourse Natures Window, at the heart of the gorges in Kalbarri National park. I am proud to say we completed all four of the short walks you could do in the park, and also explored some of the well designed coastal walks. It is such a pretty place! But don’t forget to bring your fly net. It should be called Flybarri, not Kalbarri. Lucky the place is SO beautiful it makes up for the annoying fly issue.

Our last night came too quickly, as it always does. The weather had turned on our final night, and with rain and a grey sky I even thought of cancelling and heading straight back home. But we persisted and I am so glad we did. We set up out tent and swag for the final night, like we did every night, and then headed to the beach for our last coastal walk. We later played some games and had a yummy dinner. Funnily we ate the same sort of thing most nights, the most popular meal was a lentil and coconut packet dinner and coconut rice, with seaweed crackers. YUM! And split price between us about $3.20. Great! My friend is a vegan, and to make life easier I also ate this way too. We also did not drink alcohol the whole time we were away, so I felt like I had been on a health retreat. I had so much energy, clarity of mind, and I felt lighter, and I certainly weighed less after all these healthy new habits. I can highly recommend a vegan non drinking week or two in your life to hit the reset button.


Before we knew it we had hit the CBD area again, and we were back in Perth. It was such a whirlwind trip, so much distance covered in only 12 days, I loved every single day and every single minute, even when I swallowed a fly, okay maybe not that second… I would do the trip all over again tomorrow!
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Barefoot joy! I realise I could leave this topic for a whole new blog post and I think I will… stay tuned for that one.
Dating update: Well I am back to the drawing board on all accounts here. I have decided to be less forward about meeting up after matching and chatting with guys online, because it often does not go past first date stage for me. Mainly because I am just not into them when I meet them. So to keep the mystery alive, and build suspense, the plan is to not meet until I am literally busting at the seams with suspense. That’s the plan anyway…

I am heading back to the idea that being single is totally okay too. I like being single. I can do what I want when I want and that really suits me, (clicks fingers and does a bend and snap!) I am getting to the point of acceptance that the right person will come along when the time is right. If they ever do. What does the right person even mean?? Who the fuck knows. But the right connection and the right feel and the right planetary alignment and the right shoes and the right knickers… it will or it won’t, but for now I am enjoying the journey. I am finding my inner calm about it. And that is a good thing. I am even drawing about it… what do you think?
Health kick…good thing I made that agenda item list, I had to keep checking. OMG I am being SOOO healthy right now. I am NOT drinking so that is a good step in the right direction already. Not drinking immediately makes me feel skinnier and healthier and clearer and better. I have been eating pretty healthy too, I have even developed a bit of an aversion to meat and dairy, after my clean living vegan fortnight, it really is a good way to go if you want to feel healthier. Fruit, veggies, nuts, rice, lentils, and anything else without meat or dairy. Anyhow, it is good for now, but you know how it is, something always changes and you have a blow out again, such is life. I am either really really good or really really bad. Moderation is for suckers. OK, sorry I know, I need to be more moderate! Just have one Anita…. YEAH RIGHT!
I did something the other day that I rarely do, I bought a book. It is a hard cover book with lovely illustrations about a woman going through life and navigating her own path. “Am I there yet” by Mari Andrews is completely relatable, and I love it. One day when I publish my own book I would hope people will buy it too, so it’s good karma! I am also reading a book about a flight attendant who is caught up in a murder, but it’s a bit slow to be honest. I will persist. I have been reading heaps lately which is great.

In the garden: I have been a very naughty girl and bought MORE PLANTS! I can not stop myself. It is an addiction. I am an addict. I am a plant addict. Well, it could be worse right? Lol. I bought a purple wisteria, and even pulled up another paver to plant this beauty. Ideally by this time next year I will have some impressive purple wistful blooms. I also added another yellow kangaroo paw to my collection, now I have three. And the highlight of the weekend, I bought two birch trees! Birch really reminds me of Europe and my Dad, he loved birch trees and we had a few growing in my garden when I was growing up. They never really grew very big, as the climate in Perth is a little too warm for them, but hopefully with lots of love, lots of water, and the help of my garden faeries, we will have success! But not too much growth, as my space is somewhat limited, see I really do need to invest in that country property I keep banging on about.
Okay, well that is enough for one post I think. I have had a good healthy blog break so I had to make up for all those words not written…
Enjoy your life, we only get one!
Anita xx

2 thoughts on “October 2018: Road tripping, dating and everything in between…

  1. What a great road trip, love the photo’s of the Australian countryside and coast. I’ve been meat free for about 3 years now and cut down on drinking, feel a lot better for it. As for living the single life, after two marriages, for me just having good friends seems to be the answer, and two cats of course.

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