Feb madness continued…

So if you have been keeping up with my blogs you may be aware I have cut all the fun from my life this month…(lol, not really). No meat, no booze and no men, here was the previous instalment: Fab Feb Check in. I have at times had extreme moments of weakness, self doubt, and massive FOMO (fear of missing out). Alas, I have nearly made it. 10 more days to go. Thank fuck I chose Feb for the brilliant idea of it being only 28 days.

A gorgeous design piece by Tammie Bennett.

It has been a good 3 weeks now of sticking to my guns and going without drinking. I did start a week early like a true champion that I am. Where is my giant reward medal please? I feel good for my enduring self-discipline. Although it has been a bit of a rough and tough slog at times. One night in particular I really felt like a little something something. So to make up for it I drank lots of diet coke (caffeine free might I add, I know I really was trying to still be healthy), and had a bowl of ice-cream (it was on sale for $7, and it was the GOOD STUFF). Both bad choices I know. But so was the 6 ciders I wanted to smash one after another, and the few nips of rum to finish. I just felt like being naughty. I wanted comfort food and comfort drinks and my comfy blanky and a cuddly cuddle, and to stroke fluffy new born squeaky kittens all night. It was one of those nights. So I made mashed potatoes for dinner. For real, that is all I felt like. A big bowl of yummy carby goodness. I did add sweet potato for extra nutrients, so good on me. Then I had a wicked bowl of vanilla ice-cream, which was delicious and worth every calorie. And ofcourse downed way too much diet coke. (I never drink DC, I consider it a banned product in my house, so here you can see how extreme my need was to break rules). Overall the excessive intake of sugar worked a trick, and was very comforting. I felt comforted and content, and very sober, and that was a good thing! And most importantly I got through one more day of this crazy idea of eliminating all the fun things from my life. I am so dramatic!

Its that kind of art where you think, I could do that. But you know what? You didn’t!

Going without meat has been surprising good and easy too. There was only one night recently, that same I need comfy things/food/kittens/blanky/mashed potato night. I literally felt like tearing into a meaty juicy leg of hot tasty meat. My carnivore instincts were strong. I swear my pupils dilated and my incisors grew a bit. It brought back memories of devouring a turkey leg smothered in salt and cranberry sauce and turkey juicy goodness over Christmas years back. But no. I resisted. The urge passed, just like all bad urges do. Besides that one turkey meat devouring craving, I have been good. Meat free. Look at me! I am simply satisfied with whatever vegetable alternative I can muster up. What a hero.

I have been happy being more creative with food too. I have also gone into super tight arse mode. You can literally hear me squeak when I walk. So proud. I really try and avoid the shops and try and make meals out of what I have at home already. Or what my housemate has left behind in the crisper, haha! For example I made zucchini fritters last night with some onion and cheese and Chinese five spice. Love CF spice. I put it in so many random things. Anyhow, so they turned out well. And I even shared them with my housemate. It was her zucchini after all…

Arizona apparently. I wish the desert will have lots of flowers like this… keep the dream alive. It certainly won’t have cool cactus like this! This photo will make more sense after you read the next bit…

I TOTALLY MISS DATING. Or more realistically. I MISS TRYING TO ORGANISE DATES. Lol. The dating world is so weird these days, we spend so much time trying to make connections, a good connection, and then if you are lucky, try and turn that into a date, and then actually execute it. Not like kill the guy, but have us both turn up on the date, without cancelling. Tricky. Welcome to 2018, where we all have a million options, and too many dating apps! I have been good though and not been back on internet dating, and it has been refreshing to take a break from all that madness for awhile. I live vicariously through my girlfriends who are all racking up dates left right and centre. Sigh. That grass is looking so fucking green and perfect. 10 days to go.

This image kind of reminds me of the bush and desert some how. It is by a very talented lady called Samantha Jayne Wood.

The thing is, I have gone and done something crazy, again. I have agreed to go work out in the bush for 4 weeks. REMOTE. I mean, middle of Australia remote. See photo… And it is a dry community, which means no booze; and there I am pretty sure will be no suitable single men. I think there may be about 5 men out there. Pickings will be very slim. Fingers crossed there is a hot cop out there? Or even a Doctor? Pilot? Anyway, basically my goals to go with out all the fun stuff will no doubt extend for another whole month!!! I know. I can hear you shudder and gasp and knock off the cap of a cider bottle and nibble on some sausage, all in commiseration as you read this shocking piece of news.

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 12.09.47 PM
Told you it was remote. See that red arrow in the middle of nowhere? Yeah, that is where I am going! I will really miss the beach!

I can handle it. Let me say that I think April might just get a bit out of control! No rules April. Anything goes April. Go wild in April. AWOL April. Lol. Always something to look forward to right?

I like this artwork, so colourful and really gives the sky a feeling of expansiveness. 

I plan to write and record my experiences out there, in the bush, in the middle of nowhere… echo echo! Fortunately I will still have wifi, and my phone will work because I just changed to Telstra. Vodafone won’t do squat out there.

On a brighter note I went to the beach heaps over the last week, dowsing myself in the salty goodness before I head to the desert, where my only water source will be the local pool (could be dodgey, aka full of kids piss), or my shower. Shower. That is it. So sad. But I sure as shit will be back at the beach as soon as I get back.

This is how perfect the beach looked the other day. Amazing. Ofcourse I was swimming here multiple times. And loving it.

Okay I think that is enough from me for one day. Have a great day whatever you are doing, and thanks for reading my blog. I love that you read it. I love writing it, but it thrills me that at least one more person enjoys reading it!

A perfect little rose from my garden. For you. You’re welcome!

Anita x


10 thoughts on “Feb madness continued…

  1. I’m late to this again, but so much of this resonates with me! I’ve spent the month of February trying to do a new thing every day (also very glad I chose the month of 28 days haha!), and really trying to create positive change in my life. Changing large parts of your life is such an odd thing, but I’ve found it can also open up a dozen different new opportunities. Anyway, I hope the outback treats you well!! (PS. Those zucchini fritters sound AMAZING!).

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Davis!! Great to read from you! Yes the fritter thingies were delicious! I highly recommend. I am a little nervous about my next adventure out in the bush, fingers crossed it all goes smoothly. It will certainly be a new experience. I will be blogging about it… Hope all is well for you! I will flick over to your blog next and see what you have been up to. 😉 xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I actually stopped writing a blog last year, because I’ve started working at a local magazine called OUTInPerth, and it’s been taking all of my writing mojo! But I’ve been fantastic, so glad it’s my last year at school! x

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Do! We also have a website where I do most of my work haha – but truthfully I have also been tossing around the idea of blogging again – it’d be nice to take a break from news every now and then! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Go for it. Its good to have as many creative outlets as possible! I will be away from school now for 4 weeks. Sad face 😣 I will miss our school! I cant believe its your last year! Bigger and better things are in store for you! Maybe a move over east or some overseas travel??

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Yes, there is so much I want to do! Travel is for sure on the horizon, I’m really hoping to explore Asia & Europe in the first half of next year, then back to Perth for WAAPA & an arts degree. Beyond that, who knows!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. WAAPA!? So cool! Have you applied yet? Do you know if you are in? Good on you Davis! So proud of you! You have always known what you want to do and I really admire you for that. I think I would do an arts degree if I had my time over again too. In fact I could go to Europe and study again for free using my Latvian Passport. Have you any access to ancestral visa/passports? Try for an exchange program while you are at Uni too, I can highly recommend it! I went to Vancouver Canada for 6 months and loved it. Your plans sound great so far!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Applications for WAAPA open in about September, so I’ll be getting reference letters and building my resume up until then! As for travel – I think I’m eligible for an Irish citizenship (not that special haha) but I’d love to do an exchange program as well, especially somewhere I’ve never been!

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