Fab Feb Check in.

So far so good. If you read my post from end of January; FFF: No booze, no meat, no men! you will be aware that I set myself some pretty heavy goals! No alcohol, no meat and no men for the month. I wanted to check in with you all to let you know I am ON TRACK! And I have had some surprising good results so far.


Firstly I have only been tempted to drink a few times, mostly when I am out with friends in a social environment. Twice I even gave up FREE drinks! Now that is discipline right? Both times I resisted, keeping my goals in mind. Overall I have not missed drinking. And it is so good to take a break from all the bullshit. I have saved money, stress, time, and I feel clearer, more calm, and good for sticking to my guns.

Not sure why I am attracting these beautiful reptiles for this post, but here you go! So beautiful!

With my no meat goals, I have not even felt like eating meat so that has been easy. One night I went out for a thai meal, normally I go straight for a thai green curry with chicken; and this time I knew I had to pick something different. I went for a tofu and vegetables dish with a ginger sauce and my fave coconut rice and I was happy and satisfied. Problem solved! I did go out for sushi and had a small amount of tuna and salmon. I will be completely honest, I am a sushi addict, and eat it ALOT. But honestly after eliminating meat for awhile now, my sushi choices just did not sit well with me. I just felt a bit uncomfortable for an hour or so, and it surprised me. It seems my body has adapted and just did not want any meat what so ever. Okay, fine. I can deal with that. No more fish for me!

A little beachy illustration. 

As for the men… well that has been pretty good too. Although I am sort of missing internet dating. Being single it is a fairly unrelenting pursuit of Mr Right. But like anything, it is good to take a break from these things, gain a new perspective and build up my own energy again. I have had some good chats with men, organically! Which I said was totally allowed. Annoyingly two of them have been married…so that was not going to go anywhere. So for now its good to use my free time to spend on myself, and share my time with my girl friends, and hear about their escapades with men!


So lots of other fun things have been happening too. I have been given a crazy work opportunity to go work out at a remote Aboriginal Community called Warburton for 4 weeks! I leave in 2 weeks time. I plan to write about my experience and hopefully take some lovely photos of the country landscapes. I know this opportunity could be very challenging, it is very isolated and the town has only 500 occupants, plus it is in the middle of no where. But I accepted the challenge because it is something completely different and it is not every day you get offered new experiences such as this one. I am the YES girl.

My garden is coming along nicely. I have managed to keep it pretty green even through summer which I am very pleased about. We had a visitor come to the house last night and the first thing he said was; ‘Wow I am sure there are lots of faeries in this garden’. I can feel them too! They are in their element out there. I continue to spend lots of time out there, reading, pottering, watering, just enjoying and being.


I have been driving to the beach practically every day too. Work has been slow to pick up for the start of the year, which is fairly typical in my job. To make the most of the day, I usually head down for a swim and relax at the beach. It grounds me, centres me, and makes me feel great. Very good reasons to make the journey almost daily.


I have just finished reading a really good book by Nora Roberts called ‘Year One’. I chewed it up in about 5 days, and it would have been less, except I was savouring it. It was that good! I wanted that great book feeling to last just a little bit longer. I love my reading and just love it when I get a really good can’t put it down kind of read. I highly recommend it. The only bad part is I am not sure when the sequel is coming out as it is the start of a series, a brand new one! Get writing Nora!

Nature sure is amazing! 

I must say that 2018 is proving to be a great year so far. I feel good, I feel positive and I feel like anything is possible. I was having a great convo with my housemate the other day, and we both feel a little frustrated by our direction in life. We both feel like we are in a holding pen of sorts. We both recognise, the importance of taking action to make our dreams and ideas come true. I hope this year I have the courage to make that happen. I have been thinking about starting up a Life Coaching business. I have been crapping on about it for years now. I have lots of other things I want to do too, but really the power is in taking action. Just do it! What stops us? Life, distraction, procrastination, lack of self belief, who knows. But really there is never a good time to really pursue the amazing things you want to do in this world. You just have to get on and start doing them. Like writing this blog. I just got on with it and started doing it. Writing is good, its cathartic and helps me to explore my brain in different ways, what is lurking around that corner? I hope that my writing brings you joy and happiness too.

Take care and drop me a line and tell me how you are!

What is your burning desire? What is it that you really want to do? What’s stopping you!?

Anita xx

‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’. – Louise Hay.

9 thoughts on “Fab Feb Check in.

  1. I feel the same – “in a holding pen.” I just want to feel free, either free to travel or live alone. What’s holding me back? Finances. I’m trying to rectify that this year. I saw a solution and was working toward it and then BAM! an obstacle popped up. 😦 It’s frustrating, but I’m trying to stay positive. 2018 will be a great year.

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  2. Yes I agree, 2018 already feels great.
    I think try and do what you can with what you have and take action. There is always something you can do to work towards your goals. Xx good luck!!

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  3. Thanks for the advice! That’s what I’m doing. Budgeting. I can’t travel as far as I would like now, so I’m considering closer places that I’ve always been curious about.

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