Breathe: Energy: Sleep: Bosistos.

I am obsessed with good smells. I spend my days wafting great smells around me for the simple pleasure of aromatic bliss. I have been a big fan of the Bosistos range for a number of years now, and they continue to impress me.


They have a new range of mist aroma sprays out now, which are available from all Woolworths stores. I came across them one day by chance and I didn’t hesitate to try them out. I was lucky to then have the experience of sampling all three of their new range, and I am here to tell you they are great!


Breathe: Who doesn’t need to breathe more? Feeling like you are stressed out or rundown, this one helps to relax you, de-stress you and take a moment, to live in that moment; because let’s face it, it is all we have! Mixing eucalyptus, rosemary and wintergreen essential oils, it is by far my favourite. Fresh and invigorating, you feel like you are walking through an enchanted forest with one squirt, my kind of spray. I am obsessed with eucalyptus, so Australian, and minty and fresh. Love it.


Energy: Energy has more of a citrus smell to it, like you are waking under a canopy of lemon trees. I also really like this one, and it is great for a quick pick me up. Blending rosemary, lemon and peppermint essential oils; they achieve the balance just right, pumping some invigorating goodness around you. It really is energising and I will spray it around me quite frequently through out the day just to get that little citrus boost.


Sleep: To calm myself down after a hectic high energy day, the sleep aroma mist feels calming and tranquil, like you could dose off in a hammock at the beach surrounded by lavender plants. Only if lavender could grow at the beach! Mixing 100% pure lavender oil and chamomile essential oils, Bosistos delivers another delightful experience. Like walking in a field of lavender, I immediately feel calmer and more at peace. Quite useful to pump a few sprays into the air around your bed before going to sleep.

Overall I have really enjoyed the new range of aroma mists. They each smell quite different, depending on your preferences and mood, but are all equally delightful for calming, or uplifting or generally creating an improved aromatic environment.

For more information check out the Bosistos website:

Have you tried an aroma mist before? I can highly recommend this range!

Thanks, Anita xx





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