FFF: No booze, no meat, no men!

For fucksake February, Fun and Feisty February, Fit and Fabulous February, Fun Free February… whatever you want to call it, FEBRUARY is here and I have a plan. I have a goal and I want to share it with you, and please, feel free to join me in my crazy.


Today is day one of the new month, and I am feeling super motivated. Last night was the a massive full moon and a brilliant eclipse. I felt that crazy big energy for the last few days. I hardly slept, had ridiculously detailed and vivid dreams and nightmares, I even fasted for a day, I simply was not hungry all day. Apparently fasting around an eclipse is a good thing… you can try it on the next one in 150 years!

I have been thinking up these goal intentions for awhile now, and after some discussion with friends, some motivation from other friends, and after my hell bent desire to enjoy myself a bit too much over summer; it is time now to reign it all in, get serious with my health and feel fabulous in different ways. Not crazy drunk, dancing on tables way…lol. Was that me? Um, yes. I had a really great summer. REALLY GREAT!

I am also hoping my strong will to be fabulous this month might rub off on you and inspire you to be equally fabulous! It really is quite simple, but impossible all at the same time. It is all about making up your mind about something, and sticking to it. Perseverance, persistence and pain. What was the third P? It has to be pain right? The funny thing with me, which is quite hilarious, to all observing no doubt, I am a woman of extreme. No moderation here. I like it ALL or NOTHING. That’s it. I either like it or I don’t. Up or down, in or out, yes or no. You get the picture. Anyhow, the switch has flipped for me this month and I am ready to take action and be fit and healthy and fabulous all over again.

No more of this crazy passion love for just a month… I know! Touch ask right?

So here is the plan. I am going to give up booze, men and meat for a month! I know crazy right? You might say, ‘Oh I can’t live without meat!’, ‘I have to have my glass/bottle/cask/crate of wine every night, ‘But what about my 40 potential dates I could have this month off Tinder or Bumble?’ I know. It is a challenge. It is good to challenge ourselves from time to time. Have some rules. Set some boundaries. I need boundaries. Big tight walls to achieve this kind of discipline! Then other times of the year, I am like fuck it! I do what I want, and break out in Britney songs and shave my head while swigging a bottle of rum and streaking on tops of tables drunk as a skunk. Trust me, I need rules every now and again…

I am going to break it all down right here. Make it simples. Spell it out. You know how it goes. So here are the reasons for the three major cutbacks. For my own reasoning as much as yours;

Booze: Well this one is simple. Alcohol creeps up on you, like a lurking hooded teenager in the dark of night. What goes from a few drinks at the pub with friends, blows out to daily drinking and sculling games with bottles of rum. Urgh. Time for a break once again from the booze. I am looking forward to shedding a few kg’s from the unwanted sugar intake from the delicious sweet drinks I choose to drink. In fact, let me make a list of potential benefits which may come from this…( aka further motivational tips for you and me):

+ Shed a few kg’s. Get skinny, BOOM, I am in!

+Go to bed early and wake up refreshed, with a head full of dreams and no hangover, headache or dry mouth.

+ Save money. Millions!! $$$

+Can drive everywhere without guilt or panic or hyperventilation.

+Have more energy and time for more worthy pursuits, like write this blog, make art, read books, see friends, talk to friends, de-clutter, paint, walks, swim, gym and exercise.

Here are the rules:

+Don’t drink anything with alcohol.

+ Try and avoid places where alcohol is consumed in great massive portions, aka pubs.

+ Come up with a go to yummy alcohol free drink. Mine is soda water and lime juice, or liquorice tea.

Basically it will be great. What won’t be great and slightly challenging will be going to all those social functions and avoiding drinking, because it is Summer, and Fringe is on, and its hot, and its fun, and I love it, and ohhhh I digress; go back to the benefits people. Booze, good bye for one month. You got this!

Just a randomly good illustration basically meaning to let all that stuff go! 

Men: Now this one is a little odd I know. I am single, hot, and available. Like anytime. Lol. Well… slight stretch of the truth, I am like warm…like a nice warm stew, cuddly, satisfying, and so giving. But! The truth is the pursuit of a fantastic relationship can be tiring and drain us of our vital energy, which could be spent pursuing much more worthy activities, that will give us a happy ending, every time, guaranteed. Lol. And trust me, I had a great summer!! So much fun… and you know what I mean. And if I am honest with myself I have fallen in love with yet another man who will remain unrequited. I always do this to myself! So… its time to take a man break, get some perspective and focus on other things.

So this is the plan, I will get off all dating apps for a month. No more swiping baby! I don’t give a swipe how hot you are! Lol. I uninstalled them from my phone this morning to avoid all temptation, and that feels good already. I have immediately freed up 4 hours of my daily time, jokes!


+ More free time to focus on fun things like, art, music, that project you have always wanted to do.

+ Less screen time.

+ Save your emotional energy.

+ There has to be more benefits… um… I do love men, but man, it is hard work finding Mr  Right. I often and only find Mr Right Now, who is lots of fun… but alas, I want a keeper! A little break may bring Mr Stay Forever a little closer. Or I will smash those apps again in a month and discover so many new guys! YES!


+ Remove all dating apps from your phone. Do it. You know you might cheat when you get an alert, ‘I just want to check this one guy out because he is soo cute!’

+ You are allowed to say yes to organic dates. BECAUSE THEY ARE SOOO RARE! By organic I mean, guys you meet in the flesh, like for real, they approach you and say hi and ask you out. $50 it wont happen. Guys are shit at this stuff. Especially in Perth. Lol.

And finally… Meat:

So my housemate is vegetarian, and quite naturally I have moved further and further away from my daily meat consumption to less and less meat. I have virtually been meat free for at least a month already, so I am hoping this one will be easy. My housemate used to say to me, ‘Eating meat is a habit’, and although at the time I would dramatically roll my eyes and flip my pork off my fork happy with my pig, I started to see her point of view. And its just easier to share meals this way. In fact I have surprisingly discovered heaps of benefits! Coming from a girl who has been a big meat eater her whole life, this is a big move. I have never been that flash for red meat. I actually feel bad about eating cows. I know, I am one of those people. But I do! If you really think about what you are doing day to day there is heaps of shit you wouldn’t do because we are all on AUTO PILOT.  We did it yesterday, press repeat we are doing it today again! It is good to break out of routines and simply try new things. That is what I am all about. And I have had some surprising good results already. Okay, here goes with those benefits I was alluding to earlier:


+ You will save money. Meat is really expensive. Tofu and veggies are cheap as shit!

+ You will feel lighter and healthier, and poo more. I don’t know your digestive habits, but more veggies are more fibre, and more visits to the loo, equals a very good thing!

+ You can look at a cow or chicken in the face and stop feeling guilty.


+ Avoid eating meat as much as possible.

+ If some one makes you dinner at a dinner party or something, and you don’t want to be a rude bitch, sure make an exception. Or tell them you are going meat free for a month. They will probably drill you with a million questions and then maybe they might try it, just after they smash their leg of lamb, cue, wipe the meat juice from your lips.

So there you have it. No booze, no men and no meat. For one month! Have I sold it to you yet?? I know it it is not much time to think about it as it is day one already, but if you want to get on board tomorrow sure! Join me! And tell me how you are going!

Soon you will feel as happy as this field of Sunflowers! 

The good news is, I chose the best month for all these crazy bans; 28 days people! We got this!

Yours in abundant crazy full moon ecliptic energy,

Anita xx








6 thoughts on “FFF: No booze, no meat, no men!

  1. When i saw the title of this post i was uncertain whether it was a complaint or a philosophy.

    Glad it’s the latter! – and just for a month (at first?) too! 😉

    February is a great month – except it’s also the month of my birth so you got buckleys of me joining in – except for the men part mebbe? That’s too easy! 🙂

    Glad you enjoyed my post (Happiest Animal?)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. 28 days right!? Best month of the year to choose! 🙂 SO far so good! Thanks for stopping by! Cheers to a birthday drink for you, we don’t all have to be deprived! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Cheers! (with a lemon, lime and bitters maybe? )

    We don’t, that’s true enough – some of us settle for depraved! 😉

    ( Only 17 more days to go! Good luck)

    Liked by 1 person

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