Promise of Spring: Art Exhibition

Recently I was privileged to attend a wonderful art exhibition by internationally renowned artist Francesca Gnagnarella. Held at Seven Willow Designs in Mount Lawley, they combined art, interior design and sculpture, wine and delicacies to make for a very enjoyable and engaging evening.


I thoroughly enjoy Gnagnarella’s colour palettes; she finds a way to express colour, emotion, freedom and life with a touch of class, using gold foil and a bright range of pop colours in such a beautiful way. Her positive and flamboyant spirit is reflected in the visual imagery of each painting. I stare mesmerically at each frame, enjoying their vibrancy, colour, and wash of bold positivity.


I spoke to many of her fans, one woman who had previously purchased five of her pieces, currently adorning her walls. She was admiring one of the main pieces, I am sure she was keen to purchase it, with a little bit of a nudge from me, and after a few glasses of delicious looking rosè.


I loved the way they decorated the studio, adding fresh pink tulips, gold sprayed leaves, and titillating sculpture pieces. Even the waitresses wore fancy outfits and welcoming smiles.

Seven Willow’s is an Interior Design studio, and specialises in upholstery, up styling, and sculptures. It is a stylish place and worked really well with F.G.’s paintings.

The exhibition runs until 10th of September at Seven Willow Designs Studio, at 755 Beaufort Street, Mount Lawley.

Here are the contact details:




The gorgeous Francesca! Thanks again for a wonderful show!

Warm regards, Anita xx

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