Bosisto’s is BEST

All my life my Mum used Bosisto’s Eucalyptus oil for a variety of cleaning purposes. She raved about it to everyone. She used it to clean, to freshen, to invigorate, to remove glue, to do ALL SORTS OF THINGS, and loved using it. Since she passed away, I have taken on her love of this very versatile product. In this blog I will tell you a little bit about my love for these amazing products.


First of all my very favourite is the spray. They come in a variety of fragrances including Eucalyptus, Lavender and Peppermint. I use them daily for many different purposes. I spray it in the air before going to bed at night to freshen my room and give me a sound sleep. I also generally use them to spray in all rooms to create an invigorating and uplifting environment. I find all the sprays help with reducing stress and anxiety too, added bonus!


Recently to my complete delight, I used it for another new purpose. I noticed there was some grease on an outdoor fabric lounge from my bike chain, a friend had accidentally rubbed the chain against the cushion causing a dark streak of grease. Bummer! As I lay in bed one morning staring off into meditative space, my eyes glanced to my nearby can of Bosisto’s spray. I noticed for the first time that the spray could be used to clean grease! Brilliant! Immediately I jumped out of bed, to experiment on my outdoor lounge. To my utter surprise, after a quick spray and a rub, the grease magically disappeared. I was so impressed!!! Best spray ever!


I have also been using the washing powder with my clothes. And I have really enjoyed the fresh eucalyptus smell emanating from my clothes post clean. So good! The pre-stain removal is also very handy for removing any heavier soiled clothes, and ofcourse continues to have that very good ‘eucey’ smell.


Now the nasal inhaler is a new product I have recently used. I have always been a fan of the Vics inhaler, their close competitor. I am pleased to say that Bosisto’s has produced a good product with a refreshing smell. It’s different, it’s unusual, I like it, you should try it. I have always liked inhalers, addicted to them for years really, and always have them laying around in different places, from my pocket to my things bowl, I love using them for an immediate hit of invigoration. I like the influence of lavender in this inhaler, try it for yourself!

Recently I have started using the peppermint spray in my car, as a way to create an uplifting environment when I drive. It really is great, and a good way to improve a commute!

Parrot Talk_Apr2016_FEATURE 1

I am really loving the peppermint spray. I find it very invigorating and really pleasing to my senses. It is both calming and uplifting.  It currently comes in the small spray bottle but I do hope they will bring it out in the bigger bottle.

I really do find Bosisto’s to be a superior brand. As I was trying to remove a label from a jar to re-use, I had the chance to compare products using two different types of Eucalyptus products. Starting with the first one, it just did not budge the label at all. Then I applied Bosistos and boom, the label came off so much easier in a very short amount of time. It really is a far stronger and better product than others on the market.

Overall I highly recommend Bosisto’s. I love all their range and look forward to continuing to buy and use their products into the future. Have you tried any of the above products? How did you find them?

Anita xx



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