August Inspiration.

Here are some images that are offering me inspiration right now. In turn I hope they serve to inspire you too!


I love birds. I love to see them flying around my garden, sucking on my pollen filled flowers, and tweeting messages to one another. I am thinking of investing in some bird seed to encourage them even more in my garden. Great idea right?

I have also been thinking of getting a feline. I have wanted a pet since I moved into my new place, now 7 months ago! I have never had a dog before, and love the idea, but I also love my garden and everything really clean and tidy….so…. that contradicts the idea of getting a dog! I just don’t think the house I have right now is the right space for a dog, perhaps in the next house I will have a bigger place for a happy doggy. Or maybe a chihuahua!?? I would call it Chi Chi. Lol. So if I get a cat, this could be a problem with the birds… you see my problem? Anyhow, I have been stalling on the pet front, we will see how I go.

Here are some more sources of inspiration:

The look of these fresh figs almost makes me salivate! And apricots, mmm, apricots! I planted my very own apricot tree in my backyard, slowly it is starting to grow. I very much look forward to plucking my home grown apricots from it’s long lush green stems.

Pops of colour, bright shades of turquoise, pinks, mmm, delicious. I am looking at creating a wall of plates soon. I painted the wall a mint green colour and looking forward to finding just the right plates to start decorating.

Okay, there you have it! My latest inspirations, for the hour! Let’s be honest, I am constantly feeling inspired by many different things, but these things for now are offering me lots of goodness.

Energy. Zeal. Enthusiasm. Creativity. Passion. Excitement. Flow. 

Boom. Doing it. Done!

Anita xx

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