Holidays are here!

Hello everyone and happy end of year to you all! I have neglected my beloved blog as the end of the year became a desperate, dehydrated, dire crawl to the finish line. But we made it! Only just!

Cool illustration from Natasha Durley. Birds I love you!

Overall, reflecting back on this year it really has been an amazing one. I travelled extensively overseas, and even down south to a calm coastline town of Dunsborough with some fun girlfriends. I worked a lot. Way more than the last few years. In fact apart from the 4 weeks I took off to go travelling, I worked every day of the school year. Minus much needed sick days of course, so that was a huge accomplishment. I have loved getting to know my colleagues even better this year, and bonding with some fabulous students.


How has your year been? It is always great to take some time out to reflect on the year that has been. Did you manage to achieve all you set out to achieve? Did you tick some fun things off your bucket list? Did you push out of your comfort zone in some way? Life is a series of amazing events, and really it is all about perspective. It can be great, it can be awful but really life is pretty damn good.

I have some massive news to reveal! As some of my long term readers and friends will know, I have been banging on about buying property for some time now, perhaps 15 years. Truly. It has been that long. And finally on the 16.12.16. I signed a contract to buy my first property!! It was a nerve wracking experience, many sleepless nights, 4am wake ups, hours of deliberating talks, more hours of continual pep talks from my friends, work mates, tennis buddies, extended family and complete randoms putting in their two bob worth. In the end  the result is a good one! I am finally on the property ladder and I will be moving into my new place just before I resume working next year.

I have been living by the coast for the last year and a half, and now that a moving date is set, I have been reflecting on my time here and realising how powerful, how wonderful and how healing this experience has been. I moved across town from Mount Lawley to Peppermint Grove, a year or so after my Mum died. I left kicking and screaming from my Mums cherished little unit, but I knew in my heart it was time to move on. Very soon after moving, I began to realise my blessings. I took to the beach like a fish, loving the water and swimming daily. My permanent tan and daily beach photos a testament to my love of one of the best beaches in Australia.


There were days I was miserable, I missed my parents with all my heart. But the birds would sing to me, the kookaburras would belt out there cackling laugh, and the many abundant and enticing gardens nearby would all make me feel better. Nature has been my healer, and living here has really enabled me to appreciate this.

I am really looking forward to writing more over the holiday break, I have missed my writing the last month or so as work accelerated in demand and my energy was zapped by vampirish teenagers. I am looking forward to a relaxing break, loads of beach trips, fun catch ups with my friends, good holiday reads, siestas, fresh fruits, lazy afternoons and the freedom to do as I please.

Wishing you all a great festive season. This is not my Christmas message so I will leave out all of that stuff for now… save that post for next week!

Lots of love to you my loyal readers near and far away. I truly love to write and I love to hear how my writing has impacted you in a small or big way. Thanks for reading and enjoying the journey with me!

Anita xx

“When one door of happiness closes, another opens, but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us.” – Helen Keller

2 thoughts on “Holidays are here!

  1. Congrats on your first property! That’s a major achievement.
    For me this year was okay. I kinda lost sight of a few goals midway but eventually I got back on track.

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  2. Thanks Zezee! Coolest name ever! Glad you got back in track. I find it easier to break the goals down. To monthly goals, weekly goals and even daily goals. We also need to relax and enjoy the ride! Sometimes the right things happen anyway!! Xx

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