Another early morning wake up. I went to bed absolutely exhausted, sleep eluding my over-worked brain. Tossing and turning, my hips aching, my body seems to be falling apart at the seams lately. Does stress cause inflammation? My body is showing signs of stress, and all I need to do is rest and relax.

I took this photo at school last week. It is a David Austen rose if I am correct. One of my favourites, and also one of my Mums favourites too! 

I pushed out of bed, happy to not be laying down any longer. With the light cracking through my curtains, it was time to get outside with the birds, the river views, and the early morning rejuvenating rising sun. I met with a friend for a walk with her jumpy canine. Words came slowly, I was too tired to even talk. But the company was good, and always good to start the day with a hug and a chat with a friend.

This image really appealed to me. The peace of the underwater world truly magical!

At the start of the holidays in previous years, I would often feel over whelmed, even anxious about how to fill in my time for the coming 6 weeks. Pushing and pushing every morning for months, it is a challenge to unwind, slow down, and find peace and serenity in simple activities again. Writing is helping. What helps you?

My beloved beach is only minutes away too, where I will be off to shortly. First I wanted to share some fun images with you I found this morning.

I am also dreaming up how I will plant my garden in my new home. It is all very exciting! I am visualising a full bright and colourful rose garden, adding my favourites such as David Austin and Hybrid Tea rose to the existing rose garden at the front of my new home. What is your favourite rose?  I am also planning to plant as many aromatic plants as possible, including passionfruit vine, jasmine, and perhaps a mango and avocado tree. It is all very exciting.

The coming weeks will be filled with restful afternoons, movies, books, swims at the beach, laps at the pool, with as much relaxation and siesta time I can manage. I will be also planning to set new goals for 2017. I am a huge goal setter and feel like the past year has been super productive, which is great.


Enjoy the last week of Christmas, I plan to write as much as possible this holiday break, so look forward to lots of blog posts from me! 🙂 Please comment below and say hello! 🙂

Anita xx

“Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under trees on a summer’s day, listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time.”
― John LubbockThe Use Of Life

One of my favourite things to do is to lie still, watch the clouds, and listen to the birds and nature all around me. I will aim to do this today! Will you also enjoy some nature time?



5 thoughts on “Relax.

  1. Hello Anita, I think high levels of stress can cause all sorts of problems, they say moving house can be one of the most stressful things you can do. All being well after the move it should subside. I’m at the other end of my life to you, I retired early and had to find something to fill my time, photography, and blogging have really helped, getting out for walks, meeting up with old friends is a must. Hope you have a great relaxing holiday. :>)

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  2. Thanks so much! Yes i plan to retire early too. Work is over rated! Where do you live? My Dad always said he was busier in retirement than work life. He was super busy in work life too. Yes heading to doctors today, so weird. Still aching in bed at night. This morning i made it to 6am! Yes!! I would love to see your photos i will take a look at your site. 🙂

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  3. No worries! I was in the UK earlier in the year. London and Manchester, and we drove North to Scotland, it was marvellous!! Check on my blog for the England/Scotland post if it interests you? 🙂

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