Dreams are free.

Dreaming is something we all could do more. Dreaming is an important escape into the endless world of possibilities. Before our mind can break down a fabulous idea because it is too hard, not practical, too expensive, or whatever other excuse we can come up with, we really all could allow our minds to expand, and think in the very possible.


Thoughts create your reality. I have been doing a lot of reading lately on the importance of a calm and centred mind. Mine personally has been quite frenetic, disjointed and fragmented. I can not even seem to get to the end of one thought before another one competes with that sphere of my over crowded mind. Writing does help. Writing it down, allows the thought to get to completion, and wow what a relief that is. Get it out. Spew forth! Extrapolate all that bullshit into some sense woman!

I have been trained in the art of dreaming. My Dad and I would sit together on our painted wooden bench, by the pool, with our coloured party lights on, under the canopy of a star filled sky. We would sit and relax and dream up wild ideas as big as our brains would allow. No thought was too improbable or impossible, as we talked it through realising how we could achieve our wild and fabulous ideas. I realise how wonderful these precious memories are. I return to them frequently and feel so grateful for the wise instruction passed on to me by my Father.

He knew from his experience that quite magically, if you were to give a thought enough power and intention and attention, that thought would come to life and be real. Quite true. And I saw with my own eyes and had the experience of this occurring a number of times in my young life. I saw it enough times to appreciate the law of attraction and the magical power of the universe.

I would love to credit this artist: Amazing illustrator found on Pinterest.

The problem is, we are locked in our own bullshit land of excuses and can’t and what ifs and fears. We need to think more in possibilities, yes rather than no, and can rather than can not. Having the courage to explore the immense possibilities of life takes courage, and time to day dream and be creative.

I hope you can take some time out from your busy schedule and allow time to relax, time to chill, and then time to dream. Dream up amazing possibilities and imagine what your perfect life, or perfect day would look like. Really breathe it in and feel it, as if you are already doing it and living it.


If you want to try a small exercise with me then here goes. I want you to imagine one small thing that you want or need. It could be a new hand bag, a certain pair of shoes, or even a bookshelf. If you want it to be free, or a certain price that is fine too. More fun to make it free. Think of something not overly significant, not like the love of your life, but more like a little something that will put a smile on your face. Have you thought of something? …. Do it now. Ok. Once you have it in your mind, imagine it being a real thing, wearing it, enjoying it, using it, whatever IT is, imagine you already have it. And then quite simply, ask the universe for it, then forget about it. I swear to you, this little magical thing that you have asked for will miraculously turn up sometime down the track. It may take a little bit of time, be patient, but it will arrive. Look for the signs, and follow through with your intuition if you feel guided to go somewhere, talk to someone or perhaps change your routine slightly. Who the heck knows how it works, but it really does work.

I can make most things I want appear in my life, I seem to have a gift in materialising various things, objects, or stuff I may need or want. The only thing I can not materialise seems to be the man of my dreams! People are harder to materialise, but they do come through eventually. I have managed to bring in new girlfriends, but the right man still eludes me. It is all about timing in life!

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Now here is a bunch of flowers for being so awesome. Dream big! 

Allow yourself sometime to dream. Be creative, think big and remember anything really is possible. If you can think it you can do it!

Love Anita xx

P.S. I would love to hear how your experiment goes! Let me know what you managed to materialise!  Also if you love my blogs please comment, like or share. I would really love to grow as a writer and continue to expand and grow my audience. Now go dream up something amazing! 🙂 xx



6 thoughts on “Dreams are free.

  1. Beautiful description of you and your father, and a lovely written post. I’m going to try positive affirmations, dreaming and asking the universe, it can’t do any more damage than moaning constantly does!

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  2. Exactly!!! Dreams are certainly free. We all complain too much. No body wants to hear it!! Lol! Such a pity right? Where are you expatting right now Sarah? I am dreaming up some adventures for next year!


  3. La Gomera in the Canary Islands, Spain 😀 it’s the perfect place to reflect and focus on me and my goals 🙂

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