There has been a shift.

Can you feel it or is it just me? Something has changed in the last few days. I can feel it really strongly. For the last 3 to 4 weeks I have been experiencing a huge upswing in energy, hyperactive, overzealous, buoyant fun energy. Rather than crashing, it has calmly dropped a notch, to a more respectable useable and understandable energetic output. There has been a shift.

Photo found on Pinterest by Photographer Tommy Eliasson.

I have a new girl staying with me for the week, and I really like her. She is a very positive influence and seems to have her life perspective very organised and sorted. She is easy to chat to and I am already learning some positive things from her.

Simple things like exercising more. And she exercises heaps. And goes to bed early. And eats really healthy. She basically does everything you know you should do but generally don’t have the self discipline to do. Already her positive can do attitude is rubbing off on me.

I went to bed super early last night, mimicking my new house guest, who goes to bed early and gets up early (told you she was good). Eager to be fresh for my full week of work, I thought getting a few extra hours of sleep would be a great idea. Boom, 230am AWAKE. Is it time to get up yet?? JEEZE!! I woke from a strong dream, a very real one, and then I felt like someone touched me, like a spirit or something; which startled me awake with a fright. Light on, toilet, reset the bed sheets, try and rest and relax and breath and unwind. Hard to do when you feel like it should be time to get up!

More Aurora Borealis magic. I vow to see these beautiful lights again with my own eyes at a time coming soon.

Last night I also had this compulsive feeling to move my bedroom furniture around. I used to do this as a kid quite frequently. But this is the first time I have had this feeling in my new place, where I have lived for a year now. Good for me, I have been settled for one year, quite the achievement for someone as restless as myself. So with a glint in my eye and a surge of motivation I swung my bed around in my room and swivelled things here and there and boom, it looks like a whole new room. Love it.

I used to enjoy the thrill of facing a new direction as I went to sleep at night after I had moved my furniture around. Turns out I still do!! Now I can see outside into my front flower bed and see the sky and sunshine, I am very happy with the result. I am already eyeing off the spare room to turn that all around next. YES!

To you ever compulsively feel like changing furniture around? I believe it has to do with changing and refreshing energy. It is about creating new energy in your space, and by moving furniture around it somehow moves from stagnant to refreshed instantly. Try it for yourself and tell me your results!

I am also expecting a new lounge suite to arrive any day now. I purchased it impulsively about 6 weeks ago when I was in a rare grumpy (annoyed at my indecisiveness) mood. I am looking forward to shifting the lounge furniture around and creating a new atmosphere in there too.

There has been a shift.

So it turns out there has not been only a physical shift in furniture in a very real literal sense of the word, but there has also been a shift in energy, emotional, intangible, can’t quite explain exactly but I will keep doing my best…

At times in life it feels like nothing changes. There are only a few social plans, if any, and it feels like every day goes by on repeat. And then suddenly, like the last 3 to 4 weeks, there are millions of social plans, day by day is unpredictable, new people are coming in all the time and energy is remaining high, untarnished, and exuberant. YES! That is what I am talking about!

Image chosen from Pinterest. Not sure of artist sorry. What a beautiful road to drive down though eh? I love it when the trees change to red, nature really is so amazing!

And one more tangible reason for this shift… winter is turning to spring. The days are becoming lighter, the sun is shining more and the winter doldrums are shifting out of here to make way for fresh new blooming spring. I love Spring. Spring it on.

On that note I best be getting on with some other tasks. Gosh I am a busy girl right now. I am missing my 4 day week right now as I am working full time for the next 3 weeks, and then it’s school holidays so that will be good. I have a trip planned to Adelaide to visit some peeps over there so that should be nice and an opportunity to write and photograph as well.

Have a great week and please drop me a line and say hi so I know who my readers are! I love your feedback and comments! Makes me feel loved!

Live your truth,

Anita xxx

813 words: My mysterious lucky and uncanny number set that if I know appears I am on track. What are your weird but lucky numbers?

9 thoughts on “There has been a shift.

  1. Oh! I move furniture all the time, and I also go through all my stuff twice a year, and let go of stuff that I don’t want, need, or serves a purpose. I find it so liberating, and feel like energy has more space to move around. We have little furniture anyway, for that same reason!

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  2. Thats great!! Twice a year is such a good goal to have to purge. I just do it when the mood strikes. I still need to cull more. Here is a question for… do you keep anything under your bed??


  3. I’m not much of a furniture mover but, like Youanna, I undertake a “life laundry” roughly every six months to get rid of excess clutter in my life and ensure everything has a correct place. So I definitely understand that spatial order and mental order can be in synch. Since we emigrated with barely any possessions, I haven’t had to do the extensive purge thing in the last couple of years but I feel like one is required soon as we have accumulated unnecessary stuff now.

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  4. Good on you Laura. It feels so good to purge the unwanted/unneeded! Pass it on, give it away etc. I feel a clean out is coming. I still have more Mum things to clear. I have some stuff under my bed that needs to go! Argh! X

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  5. I used to love rearranging furniture when I still lived at home. It used to drive my dad nuts (and gave me one more reason for loving it)! Since I’ve moved three times in the three years I’ve been back in Estonia, I haven’t felt the need to move things around.

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  6. But just wait once you have been there for a year or so the urge may come! It feels so good and now i want to rearrange all the rooms! I have a new lounge suite coming so that will change the energy of the lounge room too. Miss you! And the good news is you will be sitting on that lounge sometime soon!!! Xx


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