Flying off to Europe…once again!

Hi everyone! Here is a post to make you green with envy. I am flying out very soon overseas! I am looking forward to sharing my journey with you, and hope you can join me as I galavant with gusto around the globe.


First stop will be London for the weekend! I am meeting a good friend there and we will do our best to explore and take in the sites as much as possible.

Any must do’s while I am in London you can recommend?

I started packing this morning. I am a last minute hyper organised person. My Mum used to be amazed at my ability to pack quick and efficiently without fuss and just GO. After years of traveling the world on small and big trips, the more I realise the importance of travelling as light as possible. It is not fun dragging big bags around, pushing heavy luggage up hills, along cobblestones streets of Europe, or fussing about with too many options. Of which you only end up wearing the same thing anyway. Making space means you can also buy some new stuff too, which is so much more fun!

I am determined to take only 2 or 3 things of everything and pack LIGHT. I will travel with a medium sized backpack and a small day backpack. Easy. If I find awesome things along the way I love and want to buy I will send them home!


It feels a bit weird to be travelling again. I am finally in “work mode” and have developed some good new routines for myself. It seems always the way, just before I go away, I think “life is good here, why do I want to leave?” Perhaps it is the anticipation of an exciting adventure overseas that gives me these feelings that I can handle normal life a little bit more. Probably! I am always thinking of the next trip, and quite seriously I am 2 or 3 or even 4 trips ahead of myself at the moment. Ideas of a ski trip to Japan in January just came up this morning. Oh yeah that could be fun!

I will try not to get ahead of myself too much and simply enjoy the moment, enjoy the day by wonderful day. The weather is beautiful here in Perth today, I can’t wait to get back outside and into the sunshine. I have had a morning of pottering around from one semi urgent job to the next, a day just to allow myself to be organised at my own pace. Much less stressful.

Once I am on the plane I know I have done everything I can to be organised and then I can just sit back and enjoy the journey. I love to write on the plane, read, have a chat (what a surprise), and cut out all the pictures I love from the in flight magazine, ready to glue into my travel journal. I write one every time I go away. I cover an A4 size journal with images of the places I am going to, then proceed to fill it with writing and images and paraphernalia I collect on my trip. It is a good piece of memorabilia and it keeps me occupied in the quiet times on my trip. I always have something productive to do, and that is important to me.

Any one recommend a good book that is out in the stores at the moment? I am itching for a good book to read on my travels.

So, this is it! My last night here in Perth. I am planning to go play a little tennis, have a nice relaxing evening, get plenty of sleep, take a big walk in the morning, wrap up last minute packing, and then head out to the airport!

I hope you can join me on my travels, come and live vicariously through me as I explore this wonderful world!

Yours in adventure,

Anita xx



5 thoughts on “Flying off to Europe…once again!

  1. I think knowing one is about to go on a travel will energize you when performing your work before you head off. At least that’s my experience. I wish you a great trip. London is a magnificent city, lots of stuff to see and do. I have been there quite a few times, but I don’t know what to really recommend. Instead I will recommend a book for you. Of course I don’t know you what you like, so it might be a complete miss. Anyway, I recommend The Magus by John Fowles. It’s sort of a travel novel, although not about London. 🙂

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