Part One: Flying like a bird to London.

Part One: Flying like a bird to London.


I have just boarded from Abu Dhabi and even though my body clock tells me it is nearly 6am Perth time, I have been flying all night enduring uncomfortable crampy sleep. So who knows what my body thinks! I always forget about the swelling, the stiff knees, the tight crammed little space, the average food, and the constant plume of fart. Seriously! Farts everywhere! That aeroplane food, it must be bad for your digestion…With great relief they eventually spritzed the plane with some delicious freshening fart neutralising smell. Beautiful!
The morning of my departure I felt the usual rise in anxiety. Going overseas can be a little overwhelming. All the planning, all those decisions, so much to think about. I had fussed about the house for a few days getting myself organised, I had everything lined up, house cleaned and tidied and final communications made, I was ready. I decided to take a walk to the beach to calm myself down, and it really helped.
I strolled along my pretty neighbourhood, admiring the flowers and trees and abundant twittering bird life. Living in Peppermint Grove really is pretty sweet. Gardens abound by proud owners, kookaburras, cockatoos and ‘little squawks’ everywhere. My friend has a pet 28 she called ‘Squawk’, hence we collectively call them squawks now. Quite appropriate because they make such a racket!
This image kind of reminds me of the streets of Peppy Grove. Alive, vibrant, chirpy and beautiful.
I made my way right down to the beach, an easy walk from my house. I feel so lucky to live by the beach now, it is a dream come true to be able to walk there so easily. Every day the conditions are different. On this day the beach had a lot of erosion revealing jagged rocks and weed galore. It amazes me how it piles up in ugly mounds every winter, but in summer, there is not a piece of seaweed in sight. Perfect!
As I came close to home, I remembered all those years ago when I took my first overseas flight. I was flying to Vancouver Canada to study on a University Exchange program. My amazing Dad dropped me off at the airport, and then later that day he left Perth after being there for 20 years and headed to Adelaide on the train to start a new life. Our lives from this point were irreversibly changed forever. My decision to travel overseas lead to a series of massive changes for both of us. My Dad found love and married for the third time, and never returned to Perth, besides the occasional and rare holiday. I missed him so much, and still miss him, now that he has been dead for 4 years.
Our energies combined were those of sheer energetic excitement. We were pumped, elated and both excited for a new adventure and change. Little did we know how much would change in lives and what amazing journeys we would take. We loved the lives we shared together, but I was growing up, I was ready to fly my safe and comfortable, warm and loving nest.
I left some what blindly from the comforts and loving support of my family; not realising that I would soon be a solo adventurer on the other side of the planet. Rather than holding me back, my Dad encouraged me and supported me, pushing me off the cliff, so to speak, knowing that he had trained me to be strong, tenacious and most importantly how to fly. He loved me whole heartedly and held my hand in his big soft supportive paw, as long as he possibly could. For this I am so grateful.
I look back on this time in my life so whimsically. I wish I could turn back time to have this precious time with him again; little did I realise, life would never be the same again from that point on. Sure many good things would come ahead of us, but I had really flown the nest. This bird had grown wings. And still to this day, I am stretching those feathers wide, soaring high, and exploring as much of the world that I can.
I know that my parents would be so proud of all my adventures, even when they were alive they would be amazed at my ability to travel so frequently, so widely and be so adventurous. I don’t know where it comes from sometimes! It is fun to explore, to meet new people, to learn about new cultures and discover more about yourself through adversity, challenge and change. I hope my writing can help to inspire you to live the life you dream. I hope my writing can offer you encouragement to push out of your comfort zone and do the things that scare you, that thrill you, that make you feel alive. Because honestly, that is what we are here for!
I felt that sudden urge to write and I feel so much better for getting all that down! Suddenly I am alert and fully awake now. Perhaps another movie marathon to London will do the trick?
My next post I will share my adventures roaming around the streets of London!
With wide winged love,
Anita xx

5 thoughts on “Part One: Flying like a bird to London.

  1. I hope you have an amazing time on your travels. Beware, the weather might not be too great in London, but there will be plenty to keep you occupied, you probably won’t even notice. Blessings and safe travels. Joy

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  2. Thanks Joy! Yes bit over cast today, heading out to Manchester on the train today so we will see what its like up there! xx


  3. Enjoy Manchester! Have been watching the weather forecast from sunny Portugal, and the north has been having better weather than the South. Glasgow has been one of the hottest parts of the country since we have been away! Blessings Joy

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