High school Reunion!!

With much anticipation we recently had our first high school reunion for Hollywood Senior High School Class of ’95. The night was a total blast from the past. It was such a nice feeling to see old familiar faces again, to have a laugh, talk some nonsense and groove on the dance floor again; reincarnating our 1992 disco days.

On the day I decided to post some photos to get amped for the night, and to include our interstate and overseas friends too. It was great to reminisce and see faces we had literally not seen for 21 years. Where did that time go? What have we all been doing for 21 years!? So much!! Others also started adding their photos, turning it into a collage feast; oh we were so cute and little!

This was when we went on the Kalbarri Hike. One of the best camps I ever went on! I think this was at the very end so we were all pretty knackered! Big shout out to Mr Brown, hands down my favourite teacher at Hollywood.

The night was held at Defectors bar in Mount Lawley, a trendy upstairs corner bar, very swanky, and much busier than I have ever seen it. Perhaps it is now on the ‘must go to places’. For me personally this building had other memories. I used to do some modelling in my more flamboyant teenage years, and this is exactly where the modelling studio used to be. So for me it felt so right to relive our past in more ways than one.

We all started arriving around 7pm, mingling at the bar before shuttling through to the outside balcony. Most seemed a little nervous at first, not sure what to expect, but within seconds, hugs were thrown around, drinks were ordered and it was like hanging out on the quad all over again, minus the cider.

A crazy dress up party back in the day, what was the theme??


There were some surprise appearances, some people I just could not quite place, and others literally looked exactly the same. To be honest, everyone looked great. Everyone has grown into amazing humans, vibrant, radiant, successful, capable happy people. What more could we have asked for from our Hollywood days?

It seemed like EVERYONE was married with children. How did you all become so good at relationships? Good on you! Perhaps all the single ones stayed away for the night? There was some talk of children, at that point I mostly zoned out or my hyped up ADD energy got distracted by something shiny. But it did seem like everyone was either pregnant, just gave birth, or had at least 5 kids each. Lol.

I think back to the night and for me it was a complete blur of overzealous energy. It was like being reunited with family; and it made me realise the bonds we created as teenagers were so special. Even if we do not see each other frequently, we connect over our mutual upbringing. We spent 5 years together, every day for hours, and this now in our busy non stop adult life is a rare experience. Everyone is too busy to do the things we really want to do; most putting off things til later in life, or perhaps when it could be too late.

My message to you my fellow class of ’95; make the most of your precious life! Do what you  love to do, have the courage to make the changes that will make you happy every day. Appreciate your family, your loved ones, give them hugs and tell them you love them. Life is a gift that can slip away with the passing of time so damn quickly.

This is how my energy felt the other night. This image is making me spin out all over again! It feels alive to me! Anyone else get that feeling?

As I recall the night I mostly remember my  overly exuberant energy chattering away fairly non-sensically, dancing like a woman possessed on the dance floor and throwing my arms around everyone in a half hug. I must have looked like I was on some excellent drugs, but quite honestly I was experiencing an unusual intense natural surge in energy. I was buzzing off the high of familiarity, which for me feels so rare these days. So thank you for the fun times! Thank you for the memories and let’s not leave it another 21 years before we meet again okay?

Special thank you to Annie Eversden for initiating and organising the night. You were my year 9 bestie who I shared many fun times with; and your radiant energy continues!!

May your days be filled with happiness and love. Or at least pretty pictures like this… 🙂

Once again thank you to everyone who made the effort to come along on the night, it was so great to see you all again. Thank you for making it so special, fun and a wonderful walk down memory lane.

Love Anita xx

P.S. Tell me your high school reunion highlight experience!!


2 thoughts on “High school Reunion!!

  1. I am glad you had such a lovely time reconnecting with old school friends and also how lovely that you actually have a desire to remain connected to people you were at school with. I cannot envisage any circumstance in which I would attend a school reunion. I am in contact – thanks to Facebook – with a very small fraction of the people I attended school with but there are very sound reasons why I have not kept in contact with the overwhelming majority. My husband, on the other hand, would love to go to any of his, either in the US or the UK, but any time one has been held we have always had a major schedule conflict.

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