Unexpected Death

Adrian is dead. News of the passing of this wonderful man came as a great shock to me. My friend Andi with whom I had met this awesome guy around New Years Eve of 2014; messaged me the news from New Zealand. I just couldn’t believe it. How could this happen? The good really do die young.


I only had the joy of knowing Adrian for a short period of time. When we did meet him, I knew we had stumbled on some one very special. His energy was massive and he seemed like a very intuitive, and intelligent kind of guy; he expressed a real and natural zest for life.

He worked for the Fire Brigade in Victoria; a very admirable job, and according to his other friends, he literally saved thousands of people. I know he saved me on the night I met him.

2014 had been a very challenging year for me, my beautiful Mum had died from Lung Cancer in May. So needless to say, it was the end of a tough year. Meeting Adrian was like a breath of fresh air. His hyperactive energetic fun nature was so fun, so comforting and just what we all needed to make that New Year’s Eve one of the best of my life. I know we made his night just as special with crazy dancing, singing out loud, lots of laughs and general good times.

Regardless of the heavy emotion of the previous year, it was New Years Eve. That night we danced, we sang, we raged, we partied, we hugged, and we had a blast. The night ended with a stumble back to his very neat and meticulous house where we had our own little after party for another hour or two. I remember meeting his dog, the offspring of Mick Fanning’s dog, a famous Australian pro surfer; adding even more to this guys ‘natural cool appeal’. This dog was super special, had great character, was very obedient and loyal, respecting and loving his master just as we all loved and admired this wonderful man Adrian.

A mysterious sky and forest, where do our beloved dead go? 

I am beginning to realise this is the impact he had on everyone he met. New people who crossed his path, became close very quickly. This is a special rare quality he demonstrated so naturally.

I kept track of his life via Facebook, he was always off doing something exciting. His latest adventure took him to Indonesia, participating in a free-diving course. He seemed to love Bali and spent much of his free time surfing the waves over there.

His last few pics were of a broken surfboard, clearly having a lot of fun on some big waves. One was of him riding a bike with his mate on the handle-bars; carefree, shirtless, looking the peak of fitness, tanned and ripped. He was your typical Aussie Surfer larakin, with a heart of gold.

Tragically his life was cut brutally short by a u-turning garbage truck, wiping him off his motorbike; no doubt as he was riding to the coast line for an early morning surf. A thoughtless decision by the truck driver, an impulsive choice of just one person having severe and heartbreaking consequences. He died on the scene, right there on the spot, on a street in Bali, never making it to his beloved surf for one final frolic in the wave.

Perhaps we return to the stars? Our universe and life remains a mystery. Let us hope we will one day be reunited with our loved ones.

Learning of news like this reminds us all we are not here forever. Life can be cut short unexpectantly right before our eyes. We can learn from this story and from this amazing man Adrian who jammed in more in his short life than many ever would; we must all make the most of our lives. We must all aim to do our best to live our dreams, follow our heart, and do what we love. Life is precious and a gift, how will you make the most of this present?

My deepest condolences to his family and friends. You raised a terrific man, he will be remembered, and his energetic fun character will be forever missed by many all over the world.

Love Anita xx

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