Manifesting: Real or magic?

Since I was a small child I have known about the magical power of manifesting. I somehow understood these universal laws early in my life. Together with hard work, determination and faith in the power of creation of magical things, I have seen over the years all sorts of awesome things materialise. Putting it out there and asking for what you want, so to speak, seems to be one of the most powerful ways in obtaining the things you want in life.

I have read “The Secret” and many other well known books about creating the life you want. As I continue to learn more about the world and rack up more experiences, I am beginning to understand more and more about the power of asking the universe and seeing objects, experiences, people, or even situations happen somehow magically.

The trick is knowing what you want and being very clear about asking for it.

Today I watched Jim Carey talk about his ability to manifest his dream life as a well paid actor, which prompted me to share my thoughts. He talked about wanting a bicycle when he was a small child, and boom, one showed up in his living room two weeks later. He had won it in a raffle, in which a friend had entered him in. Magically he received what he wanted. Boom.


He then went on to talk about how he wanted to earn $10 million dollars by a certain date into the future. He wrote a cheque out to himself and thought about it every day for many months. And just like that it happened, he received this amount of money for real! He asked the universe clearly for what he wanted and he received it. Sounds so easy doesn’t it?

This phenomenon has happened to me before, not so much in the grand scale of millions of dollars, unfortunately; but in the case of smaller things. Like bookshelves, jobs, experiences, and situations. I am beginning to think, or should I say continuing to realise the world is more magical than we think.

What has so far let me down is the fact that I am not exactly clear about what I want. Nor have I managed to manifest my dream partner, perhaps they don’t exist? It reminds me of when I was a child and together with my Dad we would search the shops high and low near and far for the perfect pair of shoes that I liked, and fulfilled all the strict and necessary requirements for me at the time, size, colour, fit, feel, mood, price or whatever the hell ran through my mind! Dad would insist that quite clearly that the shoes I wanted just didn’t exist! haha! Eventually the perfect pair would turn up!

Being crystal clear about what we want is the main necessary ingredient to ideal manifestation.

Having this clarity and non opposing thought patterns could be what holds us back? I have seen the proof of manifestation for myself and for friends around me so I know full well it is very possible. But I do think my thoughts can be conflicting at times, I want this, but I also want that… which cancel each other out then nothing happens. Or perhaps I have put out my intentions for so long that they are just about to spring to the surface, and I just can’t quite see it yet. But if you can think it, you can do it. If you can think it, you can create it. Thoughts are real, and very powerful, and I know you have to be very careful for what you wish for.

Like a magic colour potion put out there to the universe what you want. Manifest manifest manifest!

Even your worst fears if you repeat them over to yourself in your mind, can materialise to become reality. One horrible personal example I can share with you is I always feared being alone. And now somehow all my immediate family have been wiped from this earth in a short number of years from the crush of Cancer, leaving me very much alone. I know that we are never really alone however, but my fears came true. I know I have to overcome this aloneness somehow in my life and create my own family. A new family I can call my own.

Manifesting can be very fun. Imagine putting out a wish list to the universe and receiving everything that you want and need? Sounds amazing doesn’t it? Well I have a favour to ask of you my delicious reader. I would like you to think of 3 things that you really want or need or wish to experience. Describe them in detail, write them out, be clear, and ask for exactly what you want. Then when you get what you want I would love for you to write to me in my comments below and tell me how the universe delivered!

Just one more thing to inspire you; recently I asked to have a bubble bath and champagne. I kid you not, it happened within 3 days, and I do not even have a bath! I do not know how it even works but I love it. I will also think about 3 things that I really want to happen, have, acquire, or experience and share them with you when it magically materialises!

Now go get wishing!!

Yours in manifestation,

Anita xx

2 thoughts on “Manifesting: Real or magic?

  1. The Secret was the first ‘self-help’ book I read in University and I’d be lying if it didn’t change my perspective on life. This was an amazing post and I will definitely be trying out manifesting later today!

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  2. Thanks very much!! Let me know how you get on! The tricky part is coming up with exactly what we want 🙂 Feel free to share my post if you want 🙂 More readers the better right?!


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