Some things you just can’t delete.

I have one thing that I am holding onto, and it brings me joy every time it happens. Usually when the landline rings, we think, super annoying, another telemarketer. But not for me. I still have my Mums voice on my answer machine message! So every time the phone rings, I hear her lovely voice.


The crazy thing is, on the days I really need her close, the phone will ring, and boom, I can hear her, here with me once again.

I highly recommend recording our loved ones voices. One day you won’t hear them ever again.

Still…no one has ever left a message!

It will be 2 years in May that my Mum passed away. I miss her every day and continue to think and talk about her daily. Forever she will remain in my heart, dreams and thoughts.

Make every day count with your loved ones; you never know when the last one will be.

Anita xx


4 thoughts on “Some things you just can’t delete.

  1. It has not even been a month since my mother passed away. I did buy a video recorder a few years back and made everyone talk into it. Now, after 3 out of the seven of us is gone…..the recordings are a treasure.


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