Things you hear.

Things you hear. Or I could have called it… ‘Things that make you go mmm’.

I am a curious person by nature, I like to learn about other people and hear what they have to say about life. Sometimes it is the random little things that you pick up in conversations that can set you on a new life path trajectory.

So I was in the Post Office the other day, running an errand and getting stuff done, feeling quite proud and organised. Then I hear this conversation going on between the staff;

“So what do you want to do in retirement?”
“Go and live in Italy.”
“Can you speak Italian?”
“Yes I am learning on line already.”

Okay that part wasn’t the most interesting even though to some people going off to retire in Italy is worthy of a dream worth planning! So let me paraphrase the rest for you and pull out the juicy yummy parts worth blogging about!

Where would you like to go to retire? This looks pretty dreamy…

This very chatty and loud easily heard lady then went on to say that her daughter worked in Majorca, and had lived overseas for years, and will probably remain living overseas for time to come. (Envy scale starting to creep up from low to mid.)

This lady’s adventurous and very awesome daughter, I felt like I had practically met her based on this overheard conversation; worked on super yachts for the rich and famous and was the head stewardess or whatever they are called. How cool is that?? Apparently she doesn’t think twice about spending $1000 for lunch. Gosh imagine what dinner would cost?! Oh the life eh? She had worked and lived there for some time and at did not plan on returning. Life overseas was a dream come true for her. Well that’s how it sounded to me and perhaps half the planet.

Where would you like to go to retire? This looks pretty dreamy…

This little snippet of info made me think about packing up and heading off to work overseas, for at least 5 minutes, okay 24 seconds. My brain works quickly and very randomly. Am I too old to go work on super yachts? Now that sounds like a fun job right?

There are so many things we can do with our lives, the choices are truly limitless. It is up to us and only us, how we decide to live and what we decide to do with our every day. We can choose to make our own adventure and live an awesome life or we can choose a dull, repetitive and high pressured life. It is up to us. I know it doesn’t feel like we have much say in our destiny at times, as life sweeps us off our feet towards the unknown, we can often feel out of control.

Ultimately we are all responsible for our own happiness, for our own wellbeing and for what we choose to do everyday of our lives. There are only so many days!

There are no excuses. We can all think of them. But they are really just excuses. What is it you really want? What is stopping you?

Where will you go on your next journey? What’s stopping you? Make it happen!

Eliminate the barriers, make the changes you want to see in your life and do what makes your heart sing; or pulse race, or eyes light up, or heart skip a beat. Choose a life you are happy to live and love, because we will all end up in the same place at the end of it!

Imagine all those delicious amazing options. Life is for living, go out there and make it the best you can. 

Random inspirational thoughts for motivation,
Anita xx

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