One year Blogging Anniversary!

I just received a notification to tell me I have been blogging for one whole year! AMAZING!

That time has gone by so fast, and it truly has been the biggest year of writing I have ever had. I have always enjoyed writing and having this blog gives me a channel to share my writing with you my reader, and it also encourages me to commit to writing more regularly.

I write to help me process all the jungle of thoughts I have continually running around my hectic over worked brain, and if any of this is helpful for you too, well that is a bonus!

I have really enjoyed the process so far and intend to continue my writing into the future. Over the past year I have posted 175 articles, average word length of 800 to 1000, and I have 22 in drafts too, just ready to be re-worked or edited when the mood arises.

Writing certainly helps me. It makes things clear. Once the words are on paper, or on the screen in front of me, they are no longer rolling around in my brain and creating clutter. Get those words out! Trust me, at times I really struggle with the spoken word to get the words out. My memory has been shocking recently. But writing is a whole different ball game, the words come easily, like I am channelling something or someone. Whoever it is who might be helping me, a huge thank you to you, as crazy as that sounds. Writers amongst me may know what I am talking about here. Words flow so easily! It’s like someone is talking to me and I just have to write down what they are saying. Seriously.

I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing with you some funky images from Pinterest too, so here are some more to wet your appetite.


I love splurges of colour, I find these images very inspiring and uplifting.


I love clouds and sunsets and sunrises and colour. If you were spying on me you would often see me out at sunset capturing clouds and enhancing colours as much as I can. It is like a forever changing art opportunity. I love nature, it can be very motivating for us all.


I am also equally obsessed with illustrations and watercolour. I wish I could do this kind of painting myself and in the future I aim to improve and post my efforts.

My blogging covers a wide range of topics, I like to call myself a ‘Lifestyle blogger’. I am not sure that is the correct title because I really reflect on pretty much every thing and anything. When I travel I love to photograph and share my experiences first hand, and then when I am home I find various topics to ponder on.

I hope you have enjoyed my blog over the last year. Thank you to my regular commentators; I love to read your comments and feedback, it makes me feel proud that other people do actually read my writing! Please feel free to write to me anytime; I love to hear from my readers, and it is uplifting to me knowing that I have inspired you or helped you in some way or another.

I look forward to continuing my writing and life journey with you. The more I learn in life, the more I realise that we are more and more similar than we all realise. I love that. We are all bumbling along doing the best we can, some of us are just better at pretending we are on track than others. The reality is, no one knows what will really happen tomorrow, next week, or next year. We have a pretty good idea, but let’s just hope something unexpected, and something wonderful just might be in store for us all. Here’s hoping!

Thanks for your support, I really appreciate it and looking forward to continuing this journey with you.

Anita xx

8 thoughts on “One year Blogging Anniversary!

  1. Anita
    Congratulations on the anniversary of your blog. I was first attracted to the title and hooked from the beginning. I haven’t missed a blog though I don’t always comment.
    I also see you on Facebook and love that you can see me Which I find makes more of a give n take relationship. Though I must say I love reading what you have to say. Many times I am feeling the same way as you do even though my situation is very different. It reminds me how we are all connected. No matter the age or circumstance. Again thanks for your honesty and wisdom!!!!! Gail

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh thanks so much Gail. I love that you have read everything! Wow! So cool! Thanks for your support. It is for readers like yourself that spurs me on to keep writing. Thanks again it means a lot to me xx


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