Happy Easter to you!

Here we are at the Easter weekend already; where has this year gone!? Time is trudging on at a very rapid pace lately and Easter sure did creep up on me very fast. I wanted to go away and do something exciting but it has instead turned into a fun stay-cation. Again. And I am okay with that!

I have visitors at the moment and it is nice to have people stay. It is good company for me and someone to play games with is also very fun! This morning my friend and I played a marathon number of Rumi-kub games and then chased it with a full page of Yahtzee. My soul is happy!

I went to the beach this morning and had a quick dip and snorkel and enjoyed the cool salty water. I was pretty stoked to see my resident angel fish who I will call ‘Bluebell’. I tend to snorkel in the same spot and enjoy seeing the same fish. I did see many schools of little baby new fish too this morning which was lovely.

I would like to say that Bluebell is as awesome as this, but no. But close! She is more dark blue all over but how cool is this fish!? 

As I looked around at the beach this morning, I admired the families longingly once again. I miss having my own family to share weekends with and traditions with. Then it got me thinking; I need to simply continue the traditions I have been taught. This is the best way to honour my past and honour my family.

So I came home and made really delicious crepes for my friend and I. Boom. Traditions ticked. Oh they taste so good! I make them really thin and nice and brown and have them with lemon and sugar and a little lemon curd. Delicious! Pancakes can be made all year round, but it made me remember and think about my traditions from the past and my glorious childhood.

Most years my Dad would perform elaborate easter egg hunts for me, which I realise now was so kind and so fun. Years later I would stumble upon a random little chocolate egg that I had somehow missed on my excited hunt around the expansive garden. Shiny little balls of joy tucked into crevices, behind pots, in garden beds. So fun. Good on you Dad. And some years we would paint our own eggs. We would boil up eggs and after they were cold, dye them and then paint elaborate creative designs on them. Anything would go. So fun.

A good friend of mine sent me a photo of some eggs she had prepared with her grand children, her own traditional Latvian dyed eggs. They turned out really cool and I wanted to share them with you. I was very impressed! These colours were achieved all from using natural peels.

Traditional Latvian dyed eggs created by my friend D. Good job D! 

During the week I have been taking a few more walks, my energy slowly building up again after a lethargic few months from this stupid virus I had. As I was approaching home the other day I managed to find this beautiful rose to capture.

Pink rose awesomeness.

Call it mindfulness, call it focus, call it inspired walking; I love taking photos on my suburban walks.

I hope you are having an awesome Easter break with your loved ones. I wish you a happy holiday break.

Anita xx

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