Elusive Time: A poem.

Sometimes we have plenty of time,

Too much time,

Oodles of time,

Time to do anything we please.


The thing with time is,

The less time you have,

The more you need.

Time would surely stand still in a beautiful place like this. Take your watch off!


When faced with an abundance of time,

Time stands still.

It drags like a slow ancient turtle on a hot day.

Excruciatingly slowly.


Once time has passed,

You will never see it again.


It disappears.

Like a magic trick;

This is the illusion of time.


We all have the same amount of time, relatively speaking (writing).

24 hours a day, many minutes, too many seconds.

Even when it appears some have more time than others,

Reality check; it is shared equally.


The older we get, the faster it goes.

As a child, one afternoon feels like a week.

As an adult, one day can feel like an hour.


I find time speeds up and slows down.

Like watching a kettle boil, it can seem to take forever.

Watching and waiting for every minute can be painful.

Achingly slowly watching and waiting tick tick tock.


When you are busy and engaged, boom, it’s gone.

In flow, happy, and focussed, time passes by like a dream;

You find yourself in the land of no time.

This is a very happy place, and where we all like to be.


Too much time in your hands can equally be a problem.

Time to think, question, deliberate, regress, reminisce, convalesce.


Moral of the story,

Time keeps on ticking,

So make the most of your ticks on this planet!

Illustration by Conrad Roset. I really love the bright amazing colours in this bird, what a talented artist!


How do you make the most of your time?

Anita xx


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