Medium: I see dead people!

I have a guilty obsession with all things ‘Medium’… the TV show! I am hopelessly obsessed by this show, and will happily watch every episode I can find. I love shows about super natural themes like mediumship, and have a weird obsession with death and spirits and communicating with the dead. If you could wouldn’t you?

I love everything about the main character Alison and her loveable family. I love that she sees dead people, in fact the whole family can. I love the eternally frustrated but obliging husband Joe, who often doesn’t know how to answer or respond to the many quirky things happening in his home and life on a daily basis. He is most obliging and understanding, and I want a husband just like him.

Mystical. Feathers make everything better. 

I love that Alison dreams up something new every night. Sometimes her dreams are a little too gory for me, I am not into blood and guts and murder; I shy away from all that part. I am way too sensitive for all that! The best part is when she makes a clear channel with a dead person, mainly to help solve their murder or mystery disappearance. There is always a good ending and a smile on my face as one more mysterious case is solved.

In recent years it has come to my attention that I also have mediumship skills. I can talk to dead people. Cue spooky music! But really it is not that spooky, I think it is awesome. I love being able to talk to my dead family, of which they all are on the other side, giving me many options! Lol. Talk about making light of a bad situation right?

I can even channel. Meaning I can sometimes automatic write. Perhaps some of my blogging is being helped along by a well meaning spirit? Who knows, but I do love it. And the words seem to flow out of me. Literally. Except right now I am a bit sick so it is a bit of a struggle, but I know the end result will be awesome.

Everything is awesome!! I keep trying to remind myself…even when you are sick and off work and life is not so perky, I need to remind myself that I will get better and be healthy and well again. Don’t take your health for granted people!! When you are feeling lousy and lethargic and your brain and body doesn’t work as it should, it is very very very annoying. Rant over. Where was I? Oh yeah, dead people.

Now I don’t want to get too caught up with the dead people in my life, but how cool is it when you can see them and talk to them??? Sadly I can’t see them physically, but I can see them in my head, now that sounds strange. I do get a visual of a kind, but not quite in a physical to touch kind. I can definitely sense them and they talk quite clearly to me in my head. Sounds weird when I type it here, but true it is. And I love my skills, and I hope I can only get better at it. Sometimes it can happen when you least expect it to.

Once I was out in a nightclub dancing away with some friends, and I had this young man approach me and want to talk to me. He was way too young for me, and to be fair I was out with friends and didn’t want him bugging me. But he was really persistent and after 5 attempts at talking to me I relented and gave him my number. Weird right? Well it gets weirder.

After messaging a little over the next few days, I had this strange experience where I saw a man on a motorbike, with gold rings, tattoos, and a black leather vest. Full biker bad arse. I knew I didn’t know anyone like this, so I asked him if he knew. I saw CC on the back of his vest. Sure enough after much surprise and bewilderment he knew the man I was describing, apparently he had died recently in a bar brawl in NZ; fancy guy right?

Regardless of image, this bad ass motorbike rider meant no harm, and in fact was good friends and a sort of guardian angel/bikie of my new acquaintance. He wanted me to pass a message on to him on the lines of “you are not safe, you need to go overseas to the UK or somewhere far away”; and literally once this message was passed on to this random guy, my bikie ghost could rest in peace. Strange right? I was completely baffled by the experience, and nothing quite the same has happened since. It can be very draining putting energy out there like that, and some people don’t want help. But when it works and I can help some one with a message I love it, it makes me feel good knowing I have helped someone both dead and alive!

When people tell me they have lost their loved ones, I often see an image of their dead relative in my head. I don’t mention it half the time, because it is weird right? But I think it is cool when I get a visual, and some times when I do have the guts to describe them, I am spot on. Life really is strange sometimes!

I will continue to watch my favourite Medium show as long as it stays on tv. I love all the characters, and love watching the daughters grow into capable psychics and mediums too. So cool. I know my Mum was very intuitive, and even if she never saw ghosts, I know that she had some psychic skills. I like to think I take after her. Love ya Mum.

Yours in spookiness,

Anita xx

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