Dreaded summer lurgy.

My body aches, my throat scratches, my glands are swollen beyond belief, even my eyeballs hurt. I have caught the dreaded summer lurgy. Perhaps it has been the extremely hot days paired with cooling car air conditioning? My body seems to be chucking a hissy fit and demands rest and relaxation. Even though I have recently come off 7 weeks of summer holidays, and have just returned to work and now I get sick? Ironic right?

A bunch of flowers to cheer me up. Pretty aren’t they? I love them!

No one likes being sick; and I very rarely get sick. In fact I proudly can’t even remember the last time. I try not to indulge it, I adopt a ‘she’ll be right’ attitude taught to me so well by my workaholic parents. I never saw them take one sick day ever, true story. I seem to be quite the opposite and have had bouts of boring illness throughout my life. Once I was struck down sleepily by what I called the ‘Sleeping beauty curse’. I had glandular fever 3 times and once literally slept for 6 weeks of my life. Although it seems relaxing lounging around in bed all day, needing to sleep all day from persistent tiredness becomes incredible unsatisfying. Having a sensitive immune system means I just have to pay more attention to not over doing myself. That part I find hard!

Late nights, partying too hard, too much strain on your nervous system can all do it. I had a friend stay recently who did not share my views on germs, instead he insisted on sharing everything I ate and he ate. Weird right? My germaphobic instincts reeled in horror. No surprise to me I picked up his fluey bugs days later. Yes I blame him!! Convenient I know.

I am a teacher and there have been a few sniffly coughy students around this week who could equally take the wrath of my health demise. But alas, the result is all the same. Listless, lethargic and lame, my languid state is truly disappointing. My to do list sits in anticipation, my usual morning activities are abandoned. I stayed in bed until 9.46am reading a new book (thanks for the entertainment Maggie Alderson, I will be hunting you down!), this usually never happens. I usually get out of bed early, taking a morning walk, off to the beach for a dip, or to the markets for a stroll and my favourite almond croissant. Oh croissant, sadly you are missed, not to mention all my other favourite pick me ups.

When you finally give into the state of wellbeing which is totally below acceptable, there is a certain serene bliss about it all. Finally I can rest. Finally I can just stay in my pyjamas, and finally I can just bumble from one little enjoyable job around the house to the next. Plant those cannas I ripped from the soil of a friends garden, wash my car, write another letter, get on with my reading, write this post! Suddenly, feeling under the weather is not so bad after all.

An awesome piece of art by Mark Lovejoy. Loving your surname, so much love, so much joy. Love the colours, a messy expressive blurb of awesomeness.

It is hard to slow down though right? There I go planning my day even though I still feel like utter crap. We are so possessed with achievement, doing stuff, going to all those million events we have booked in, catching up with 18 friends in a week, working full time and keeping the house perfect. It can all fall in a heap at times. And this is perfectly okay.

I read an article the other day exonerating the joys of staying in. She loved it. I always feel guilty to stay in too. But as I grow older and wiser I too enjoy staying in more and more. Sadly prince charming may not coming knocking on my door (I won’t rule it out though), so it is important for me to get out and about to at least have the opportunity to meet a partner I would like to share my life with.

But… it’s so tirelessly irritating the whole social conundrum of meeting people out at bars and clubs. No one talks anymore! Hardly anyone mingles. People stand alone, or in their mini posse, or get out their phones, or simply stare at you. What is wrong with our society people?? Why can’t we all go out and talk to one another? What is the point of going out if you can’t even have a chat to some random people? Isn’t that partly why you go out, to meet new people? Who knows. It’s all very curious to me, and frustratingly annoying. Gladly I have great girlfriends who love to dance, withstand my sobriety without a blink, and can talk up a storm.  So thanks girls for keeping me sane.

A cool print by Emily Nelson. Having a flu is like a cactus, a bit prickly but still sort of nice at the same time. Or maybe the flower represents the joy of good health when it returns once again? Either way this print is awesome. 

To sum it up, having the flu is not so bad. Take the time to rest, read that book you have been meaning to delve into, watch some movies, call a friend, write a letter, enjoy the down time. Because before you know it, life will be in full swing again and you will be flying out the door from one social soiree to the next. Well that’s the hope anyway!

Yours in aches,

Anita xx




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