Happy New Year 2016


The start of a new year has previously been met with some apprehension from me. Oh no! We have to go all over again from the beginning! I love December, it’s summertime here down under, it’s my birthday, and Christmas is usually pretty good. So I like the end of the year. But this coming new year feels different. This year feels exciting, and new, and fresh and I am salivating at the prospects of reinvention, reinvigoration and new beginnings cleverly disguised as life continuation….but a better improved version.

I spent the morning at the beach swimming in my favourite place in Perth. The water was really clear and magical, I am looking forward to many more swims in the coming year. 

My new years eve was spent very happily with friends. I had just returned from a 10 day trip to Adelaide and I was looking forward to being home after a tumultuous trip, although with a happy ending (not that kind, but still pretty good). I made friends with plans to start the night at the beach. It was a lovely barmy warm night, a family environment; and as we donned our party hats, I felt amped and pumped and excited and happy to be spending the night outdoors in fresh air with my happy friends. It was a fab night! The only thing that could have made it more perfect would have been a night time swim, maybe dare I say a skinny dip! Because how fun are they right? The sea sunk into a deep dark depth, a scary sea minus sun, sharks were lurking, and bigger waves curled and dumped on shore. On closer inspection the wind was a little cool, wet bathers would be a nuisance. Suddenly I got old and responsible and annoying!! Oh well, I will be off to the beach soon again, my favourite place to be.

The last sunset for 2015. I am looking forward to taking many more amazing photos!

I have spent the first part of the new day of the year writing out some new goals for the year. I am a big goal setter, and finally I feel like my upbeat mojo is returning, my spark and light energy is filtering its way back through me, slowly but surely the darkness of depression, despair and grief is lifting. This year will be the second full year without my awesome parents. Time has stood still at times, gone viciously quick at other times, and seems to have passed me by in a blurry blue blur.

I am conscious now of creating more good experiences. I made a list of ‘more’ and ‘less’ too, this was a simplified version of my goal setting; which can be a daunting task when faced with a whole new ahead. I have come across others who are focusing on eliminating various things per month, but I like the idea of adding too.

Some of my mores: more social, more movies, more sports, more fresh juices, more kindness, more parties, more fun, more dates, more travelling, more photos, more writing, more yes, more morning walks, more reading, more art, more beach. Plus so much more.

In contrast, I will aim for less T.V., less internet, less Facebook, less negativity, less no, less coffee and no booze. My 12 month alcohol elimination is up on Valentines day. I am intending to carry on with out drinking for now. I like life without drinking. I feel smarter, brighter, more capable, and I enjoy my early morning starts, with a clear head, clear thoughts, and a more constant stream of inspiration.

I have more hope for a brighter happier present. I am feeling better. Finally. Writing has helped me immensely collect and order my thoughts in what feels like a very scatty brain at times. I can get hyper distracted, multi-tasking, sorting, shifting, running too many thought streams all at once. I am working on quieting my mind, finding more clarity, peace and present moment awareness and appreciation.

I am becoming more aware of the importance of creating and enjoying awesome experiences. Making good memories and spending fun times with my friends is what it is all about for me now. I want to keep being creative, make, write, design, create awesome works of art, and continue to write my blog and sharpen my writing skills. I have surprised myself with the amount of writing I have done in the previous year. I will aim to continue doing just this, because it is fun, brings me joy and makes me feel good. And as a positive side effect, I hope it makes you feel good too! And perhaps inspires you to also be creative, reflect on life, and helps to encourage you to live your best life, today, tomorrow and into the future new years.

Love Anita xx

Happy New Year to you! What are some of your mores and lesses?



13 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2016

  1. Wish you all the best in new year, more love, more travels, more smiles, and definitely more swims, I am so envy on your ocean 😀 … And for me less procrastinating, less mind storms, less worries, less alcohol, less oversleeps …. more creativity, more dancing, more traveling, more falling in love, more gym, more running, more shiny happy people 😀

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  2. I am so pleased my post resonated with you! Your mores sound great! What kind of dancing do you? I also love to dance! 😉


  3. It was the first post I read in 2016….and it really lifted my mood. Thank you! I like house and somewhat techno, so I do my freestyle in clubs 🙂 … Hernan Cattaneo tonight in Belgrade, it will be great!

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  4. Well that is wonderful my writing gave you a mood boost! Enjoy your night out I hear Belgrade is a fun city!! Maybe I should come there one day!


  5. I will add it to my places I want to travel to this year! 🙂 See how we go! I was planning to get back to Croatia and take a drive through the middle, I missed the magical blue lakes of Plitsvik or however you spell it… and want to check it out! And return to some magical sea side places too would be nice. Is the countryside nice in Serbia? I am into the outdoors!


  6. Plitvitse in Croatia, yes … In Serbia I would point out mountains.. like Rtanj and national park Tara….if you ever come to Tara you should engage in some rafting, that is ideal mixture of adrenalin and enjoying in wild nature… lots of other places with intact nature exists in Serbia, And in rural areas you can find very nice and cousy places that promote ethno tourism where you can learn about our traditions and culture, and eat some of the nicest foods we have 🙂 … As a member of mountaineering club, I can tell you that there is lot of action all the time, in Serbia so as in other countries, and maybe if you want to, you can take part in one…. what ever you decide, I can offer my company and assistance for few days at least 🙂

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  7. That sounds great Vladimir!!! 🙂 Wow!! Cool!!! I am planning to come to Europe later this year so lets touch base and go from there. Do you want to add on Facebook so we can communicate easier? Anita Ozolins 🙂


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