What I did this year.


I love reading Frankie magazine. I stumbled across it by chance at the library awhile back and ever since flicking over the first creative front cover, I have been hooked. Recently I splurged on buying the Christmas edition; rarely buying magazines, I occasionally on special impulsive moments decide to support my favourite magazines by buying them!

Frankie is one magazine I can read from cover to cover, and without doubt feel inspired by most articles. Plus I love the unique and quirky illustrations and designs.

I stumbled across one section of the magazine where they were interviewing various people about ‘what they had done’ over the year. The succinct and interesting way of wrapping up the year in 20 neat little parcels appealed to me so much that I decided to do it too. Hopefully it can encourage you to reflect on the year you have had and write down 20 of the most interesting, high achieving or proud moments /things /accomplish-ments you have made or had or done. Gosh, I am so specific!

What I do know, is this year has completely flown by. It has been a tumultuous year, many ups and downs but really when I look back I have achieved a great deal, and I do feel like I am at a new stage of my life. I am feeling ready to face the new year with a big new breath of hope, passion and determination to make my life even more awesome. But first let me focus on this year and share with you my achievements in a nutshell. I love a good nutshell story!

Okay, here goes; what I did this year:

1. I moved house. I moved from one suburb of 23 years across town to live near the beach.

2. I travelled extensively, first around Australia,then to New Zealand, Canada, Alaska, Iceland, UK, Belgium, Germany and Turkey.

3. With help from some good friends I presented my first photo exhibition.

4. I wrote my first ebook and published it on Amazon.

5. I thoroughly enjoyed 9 and a half months of my life (so far) without drinking alcohol!

6. I went paragliding over magical mountains in Queenstown New Zealand.

7. I snorkelled on the Great Barrier Reef.

8. I hiked around Uluru in Central Australia.

9. I started a blog called “Live your truth” and have written over 160 articles so far this year, meaning I have written around 200’000 words, but who is counting?

10. I sailed across the south of the Turkey coastline.

11. I drove across the south of Iceland.

12. Developed an addiction to watercolour paintings and illustrations, I love to follow other blogs of amazing and inspiring artists.

13. Went up in a hot air balloon, and loved it!

14. Went on an amazing cruise from Vancouver to Alaska.

15. Tended to and planted a garden in my new residence.

16. Captured many beautiful photos.

17. Went swimming in the ocean lots.

18. Read lots of awesome books.

19. Discovered Frankie magazine and Flow magazine, officially my 2 favourite magazines.

20. Became better at rising early at 5am or 6am and exercising in the mornings, definitely one habit I want to continue.

Phew! Wow that really exercised my brain memory! It took me days to write my 20 things, and this surprised me. I can usually pump out a post in one sitting, but strangely this has taken me a lot longer than expected to remember and appreciate all the amazing things I have accomplished and achieved this year. It makes me realise how busy and productive I have really been!

Now that I am at the end of my year for 2015, it has made me realise I have ticked off some major bucket list activities this year. I realise it is so important to set realistic goals for yourself every year with good intentions to make them happen. These good intentions need to turn into a ‘to do list’ and then you need to take the final step and take action to make all your awesome ideas a reality.

Writing all my accomplishments from this year also motivates me to start planning out my year ahead. What awesome things can I do next year? So many! I am already planning many exciting adventures and hopefully I will be brave and courageous to push further out of my comfort zone and practise what I preach: live my truth! What does my heart tell me to? What is my intuition guiding me to do? To take big steps forward and be quite ruthless! All will be revealed in time…

I really hope this inspires you to write down 20 things that you have done this year too.

Please tell me about the first 5 things you have done this year that spring to mind!

I hope that my blog will continue to serve as a source of inspiration for you.

Love Anita xx




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