Coffee Addiction

Ideally you could be surrounded by this awesome array of pretty flowers every time you took a sip of the dark brown stuff we call coffee.

I am all jittery, and edgy, and my hands are shaking, and I am all worked up for no legit reason. I was trying to work out why I was feeling like this, did I just need to write? Am I stressed about something? Yes and no. I know what the culprit is. Coffee. In particular the 4 cups of coffee I have drunk today. And I want more. This is not good. This is my new addiction.

I started drinking coffee late in life, around 34. I know right!? How did I avoid it for this long!? To be honest, I never liked the taste. I always had to add sugar to it to make it taste any good, and I never really gave it a good go for years because I like to avoid ingesting too much sugar. Well not anymore.


One thing since giving up drinking, I have never drank so much coffee in all my life. Perhaps it is the buzz that I crave? I really am not sure, but now I love the taste, and habitually enjoy my morning cups of coffee. However I do not enjoy the jittery panicky nerve wrecking results. I know I have to do something about it.

I used to only drink herbal teas. What a saint right? I really did enjoy all different types of herbal tea, from peppermint to liquorice to orange and cinnamon. I was more than satisfied by this natural herbal goodness. I do not even remember how I got started drinking coffee, but now I prefer it. I do not however enjoy the consequences!


I think some people are more sensitive than others when it comes to coffee. Some people can drink coffee right before bed and sleep like a baby, a very good baby, that doesn’t wake up. More like a greyhound maybe. They sleep 23 hours right? Well the retired ones do…Anyhow, I digress… my point is, I am not like some people, I am me. And this little me goes crazy after drinking INSTANT coffee. Good ole Moccona with a hint of Vanilla is my current predilection; and it tastes oh so good. I have to add a little sugar to take the edge off it though, but yes, oh yes it tastes good. I can’t drink cafe coffee. It is way too strong. So I am like a reverse coffee snob. Like a coffee bogan maybe? Whatever I am, I really should not drink coffee at all!

Here are some positives for drinking coffee:

  1. It gives you a kick, even if sometimes that kick, can kick you almost out of your body… ok this is more negative.
  2. It tastes good; once it has a few sugars… maybe more negative.
  3. Um… everyone else is doing it? Not the best reason for doing any thing really.
  4. Shit I can not think of one positive reason for drinking coffee.
  5. Nope, still nothing.

Here are some negatives for drinking coffee:

  1. It makes me crazy. This is not good.
  2. I get all hyped up and want to jump out off my skin, if that was even possible.
  3. It stains your teeth.
  4. You need to add loads of sugar to coffee to make it taste any good.
  5. It is very addictive.
  6. Buying coffee out, which I don’t because that would make me even more nuts in my head, can become a costly habit. Say you buy 2 coffees a day. That’s about $50 a week if you drink it most days give or take. That’s about $2’500 a year. In 10 years that’s $25’000. Okay that’s convincing. Give up coffee, buy a new car.

When you have an addictive personality type, aka moi, then one addiction can be replaced by another. I seem to have replaced booze with coffee. Ouch. So I think I need to totally work on removing this one from my life.

How do you go with coffee? Have you ever taken a break from coffee and feel better for it?  I would love to hear from you about your love/hate for coffee.

Coffee addict,

Anita xx


4 thoughts on “Coffee Addiction

  1. Anita, as the saying goes; “All things in moderation.”
    Four cups already??????
    That amount is too much.
    You’ll have to lower the “dose.”

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  2. You should stop drinking coffee! … says the man with 2dl of strong nescafe in his hands 😀 … I also started with coffee late in my life, and sometimes I do horrible things like skipping my breakfast just to have one or more cups instead, so I get your feeling 🙂 … Maybe one way to avoid too much coffee is to have exercise immediately after the kick in, that would make you stay “in the skin” 🙂

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