A Festive Message

Enjoy these festive reindeer. Pretty right? I wish we had these in Australia!

Merry Christmas to all my readers! I want to say thank you very much for following me, reading my posts and commenting on my writing. I love your interaction and thrive on bringing you a good article and blog post.

This year has been a tumultuous one for me, and I must say I am glad I made it to the end of it. I have had some amazing highlights and some all time lows. The best part for me was traveling the world and visiting Canada, Alaska, Iceland, the UK, Belgium, Germany and Turkey. I also took other trips around Australia and to New Zealand. I realise that travelling is what brings me the most joy in life. I love to discover new places, capture beauty in these new environments, and meet interesting people and inspiring travellers living adventurous and free lives. I hope next year I can continue to travel the world extensively. I do believe that will be happening!

I am dreaming up plans to visit Hawaii, America, and return to Europe and the UK. Ideally I will obtain my Latvian passport which will give me access to living and working in any of the EU countries, so that is very exciting and definitely a wide and bright window of opportunity.

This awesome illustration is from artist Mila Marquis. I know gardens and flowers give me so much joy, they are like an ongoing gift!

For the majority of this year I did not drink any alcohol, and this has been a huge achievement. Mostly it was easy, once I got out of bad habits in the first month or two, and then it was about sticking to it and creating new better and healthier habits. Removing the ideal drug for escapism was only the first step, this unveiled many complex emotional issues I have been battling for years. I am still working my way through these debilitating thoughts. Without the physical presence and love of my parents, I have really struggled in the last few years. I guess I was too dependent on them as an adult, and now without them, I feel at such a loss, still. I know it will get better, my grief and sadness will pass, and I am hopeful new and brighter days are coming.

If you have some turkey in your belly, popped a cracker and shared a table with smiley familiar faces for lunch, and have an illuminate tree adorned with glittery pretty things in your living room; I hope you consider yourself very lucky. Although we can take our family for granted, their love and kindness is to be cherished and appreciated in the present moment. I will never have another Christmas with my parents, and I will forever miss their presence in my life. I hope I can create my own family in the near future, to continue to have something to celebrate at this time of year.

I am lucky to have a fabulous Step Mum who has pulled me under her comforting wing like a very kind Mother Hen. She has been very supportive of me over the years, and has stepped into my Fathers shoes in his role. She now receives the teary phone calls, but also the calls of glee when there are good things to report. I want to thank her for her kindness, caring way, and love.

I had fun looking for Christmassy illustrations! I hope you like these cute little birdies 🙂 

I am in Adelaide this year for Christmas in my Dads old house. It always feels nice to be back in his home where my memories of him can be refreshed and rejuvenated. I like to take long walks around the block and at near by parks, and begin to relax into my summer holidays. I also look forward to seeing some family of my Mums in Adelaide.

Wishing you all a lovely time with your family and friends, a wonderful warm and loving experience this year and hope you can begin to dream up some awesome plans for 2016. Thank you again for reading my blogs and being a part of my life. I hope I can continue to bring you joy and happiness and some enlightenment in my writing.

Love Anita xx


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