For the love of writing.


A beautiful watercolour image I found on Pinterest. This creative drawing inspires me to be just as creative with my writing.

I started this blog “Live your truth” almost one year ago, and I can confidently say I have thoroughly enjoyed all the writing I have done throughout this time. My love of writing is only increasing. The joy it brings to my life is immeasurable, and it is hopefully mutually beneficial for you my loyal reading audience.

I have always enjoyed writing through out my life and have spurts of creative moments; when I have been compelled to write. A strong urge and insistency overcomes me, and the only way to satisfy this itch is to scratch it; or more to the point write it out. In the past my obsession with writing have been passing phases, only lasting weeks at a time, or until some piece of creative inspiration had found its way out of my scrambled brain.

This time is different. This time I have not wanted to stop. Thousands of words keep coming, the need to write appears daily, and the feeling to write is consistent and satisfying. It can be described as a twitch, or a restlessness, a feeling like I really need to simply ‘get some words out’. The result has been this blog. And I am most happy to share it with you.

I love your comments and feedback, this really keeps spurring me on to write and keep creating magical pieces. Recently I have had personal messages of gratitude and comments which really made me feel very connected. I love how my writing can impact a complete stranger on the other side of the globe. There are so many examples of this, and I hope to continue to offer inspiration, enlightenment, or pure happy distraction.

Watercolour by Alissa Evans from Pinterest. I have developed an addiction to watercolour images over the months of writing my blog. I am mutually inspired by these very talented artists who express their amazing talents in colour form.

I hope that my writing can inspire you to live your truth, and follow your dreams. Now this is such a whimsical saying; but to be honest, as I aim to inspire you I also aim to keep motivating myself, to not only write about it but take the required action to turn my wondrous plans into reality. Step by step, this is happening.

I am beginning to come out of my grief funk and see the light of hope again. Writing helps me to formulate my ideas, create sense of my often scatty mind; and essentially it makes things clear. The end result is a neat little package, and I am proud of every post I produce.

I would love to keep growing as a writer, and keep improving and expanding into a bigger audience. I am striving to be published in more online places, and I am more than happy for my readers to share my posts as widely as possible. The more I grow the more I could turn this into my full time occupation. To be a paid writer full time would be my absolute dream. So if you have any grand ideas on how I can make this a reality I would be more than willing to hear any tips or suggestions.

I love this artwork by Jessie Holmes from Pinterest. I consider myself a woman of the world and love the colours and artistic flair expressed here.


To be honest writing for me is easy. I love to express myself and find it cathartic to write my ideas down and to share them with you. There is always some thing to write about, and if there is not, that is when I need to make some exciting changes in my life!

I hope my love of writing has in turn become your love of reading. I hope to continue to write and inspire you to do what you love to do too!

Love Anita xx

“I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn.” ~ Anne Frank






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