Let go.

Be like a bird and be free. Let go! 

Let go. Let go of what might you ask? Let go of pressure, expectation and stress. Let go of how you think things should be; and instead wonder how they could be. Or try to simply not think and just allow how life actually is. Let go of the past. Let go of bad memories. Let go of all that stuff. Letting go can be hard to do;  this is my thought for the day.

As I spent time in my favourite cove of ocean, in a piece of sea I call my special spot; I relaxed into the comfort of the magical sea and thought about letting go. The ocean is my place of rejuvenation and I am so grateful for its daily teachings and ability to soothe and replenish my soul.

This is my favourite little alcove near Cottesloe Beach, Perth. Water clarity was perfect, I must remember my goggles next time so I can see some fish!

Every day the ocean is different. Without fail, I have never seen it look exactly the same. This fact amazes me. Like the beach, I like to think we are different everyday too. Little things change, our attitude may shift, our perspective is different, we may be holding on too tight to a pestering thought, or our body on this day has somehow changed. Change happens whether you want it to or not.

Letting go of our daily pressure is so important. Life continues to bombard us with information, choices, challenges and adversity. How we choose to live our adventure is personal; but somehow I feel we are all bumbling along as best we can in our own slightly unique but similar ways.

The ocean has a way of pushing the reset button. Diving into cool refreshing breath-taking salty sea, is like flipping a switch. Worries and stress are washed away; negative thoughts are banished by salt. Living so close to the water is very therapeutic, as I anticipated it would be. I aim to take advantage of my proximity to this most natural source of positivity and visit the beach as much as possible. It really is the best way to make yourself feel good!

Here is a fabulous mandala drawing from very talented All Things Meraki. I love the energy of this drawing and felt compelled to add it to one of my posts. Thanks for being a part of my blog ALT! 🙂 

Somehow that salty sea enables my letting go process. It dissolves my worries, complexities and nagging thoughts. Floating on your back in a buoyant sea, listening to the pulse of the waves, is a wonderful way to feel connected to nature and disconnect from your mind temporarily.

What are you trying to let go of?

Anita xx


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