Single and Awesome

Being single can be amazing just like these pretty red roses. Roses are red, violets are blue, I love being single, but I am ready to mingle!

After my last post writing about being single and feeling like squished dog turd, and hoping life will magically transform into something completely unimaginably fantastic; I decided to write about the merits of being single. Let us be positive! Considering I have been single for sooooooooooo (take a nap and come back) long, I feel I have much to bring to this plate of debate. So here we go, my reasons for why being single is awesome.

1. You can do what you want when you want. There is no compromise in single livelihood. You can be the most self orientated person you have always dreamed of being, it’s all about me. Because guess what? It’s true, there is only one ME to worry about. Now while this can feel isolating at times, the sense of freedom and ultimate choice is pretty cool. Quite seriously I could, right now, or tomorrow or whenever I want granted I am still single, do and go and be anywhere I want. Sweet! Maybe I should go book that trip right? Single=Freedom.

I could even jump on a plane and return to beautiful Iceland at anytime I want, that is how much freedom I have being single.

2. You can eat whatever you want and don’t have the pressure of preparing amazing nightly meals for your glutton giddy spoilt other half. I love to cook and feed my partners, must be the European in me. YOU MUST EAT MORE!!! But it is quite nice to just have what ever you want for dinner, my latest favourite, tinned tuna and steamed veggies. Weird I know, and there would be no way I would serve that for anyone else. Or I could go out to eat, or skip dinner, or have snacks, the choice is endless. Single=Choice.

3. You can sleep whenever you want. On demand, early or late, sleep in or rise at the crack of dawn with the birds, you won’t be disturbing anyone else’s sleep patterns, or being disturbed yourself. Trust me I am disturbed enough! I had a boyfriend once (true story! It really did happen!) and he used to rise at 4am to go to work. ANNNNOOYYYING!!!! Β Granted he was pretty quiet, but still, I was awake at 4am most mornings; bad deal. It can also be frustrating if you like to go to bed early and your partner wants to go to bed late. In fact it can be tricky to find someone compatible and have matching sleeping patterns. Am I asking too much?? Is this a sign I am too fussy!? So when you are single, you can pretty much sleep when you want, however long or short or whichever way in the bed, and for that matter, with whoever you want. Ok thats for the next point. Single=Flexibility.

4. So being single has many perks as I have pointed out in the above 3 points. Perhaps one of the best parts, is that you do not have to be monogamous and you could in fact sleep with whoever you please. Not necessary who you want, let’s make that bit clear…lol, but if you just happen to get lucky on that random night, when you have dripped off the couch and into something more glamorous then trackies, you may just get lucky. Now I am a little more older mature woman now, and I guess I am kind of over that whole one night stand scene, so its not my predilection, but it could be yours, so its worth adding to the list of why being single is awesome. Single=Options.

5. For my last and final but not exhaustive reason for why being single is awesome, I would like to add that being single is calming. It is not stressful, you do not need to worry about other peoples schedules, or compromise on plans, or negotiate life choices, or even toss a coin on holiday destinations. You do not have to deal with in-laws, or extended family that might be bothersome, or attend functions you would prefer to miss. Only having to worry about yourself can reduce the amount of stress in your life. Single=Calm.

This image is designed to give you feelings of calm… I find the mandalas especially calming!

6.Β Ok I thought of one more point. Being single means you have way more time to do what you want. If you want to go the gym daily you can (New Years Resolution 2016), if you want to lay in bed and read for hours you can, there will just be more time for you to do anything you would like to do. Your time is your own to do as you please. Single=Time.

I love this colourful art work by Agnes Cecile. What a talented and inspiring artist!Β 

So as you can see in six points I have highlighted the reasons as to why being single is awesome. Obviously there are many more reasons, but I managed to narrow it down. I have come to the conclusion that being single gives you freedom, enables you to have more choice, have plenty of flexibility, multiple options, makes you feel calm, and finally could give you more time in your day to do as you please. After writing this post I realise that being single for sure has its merits, there are always positives in every circumstance. Hopefully one day soon I will be able to provide a compare and contrast list to how awesome it is to be in a relationship!

Wishing you all the best in single-ness or double-ness.

Love Anita xx



13 thoughts on “Single and Awesome

  1. This is like textbook for successfull relationship, except part 4. of course πŸ™‚ … Singles can exaggerate any of this point, while being in a relationship you try to fulfill these points for yourself, and to be tolerant enough to make your other half fulfill exactly the same thing … As we are living in age of self-sustainability, we try to give each other enough space and freedom, and at the same time, wben we meet to see that sparkle, and to feel that orgasm and unity which is only possible through connectedness, we can trully be happy.

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  2. “glutton giddy spoilt other half” wins the day πŸ™‚ … If there is a glutton, it needs to feed itself, like in fairytales πŸ™‚

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  3. I had a boyfriend in the past who sprang to mind when I wrote this… lol! I do love to cook though, that bit is a bit dull when you are on your own. But you can eat what you want which is a positive! πŸ™‚ No heavy meat meals most men would want to eat. πŸ˜‰ I like to generalise!


  4. Unfortunately, I had a great relationship….some things you appreciate only when you lose them … I used “we” as a human race lol

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  5. Oh thats a sad story. Well I hope you can recover and find love again. Some relationships are not meant to last forever. Perhaps they remain longer in our hearts than our lives. X


  6. Yes very true. We can overcome most things in life; just takes a bit of time! Mandalas have such a great energy. I feel good just looking at them!


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