Ruminating into a tizzy.

Here is a nice calming picture I took recently of a rose near my home; I love to be a bit arty with my photography. Softness, comforting, cooling and calming this is what this rose reflects to me.

I just watched a You tube clip on natural ways to overcome depression. Did it ever occur to you that with the widespread increase in medication to boost our moods, there is still a huge amount of depression going in our society?

The clip I watched highlighted the fact that we are simply working against our natural human ways. We are designed to be moving, being outdoors, and enjoying new experiences. Not dealing with highly stressful situations, staying indoors too much, eating crap food and generally being inactive.

I liked this guy on the you tube, because he did not advocate popping a pill. His main point of encouragement was to exercise. “Sitting is the new smoking of our generation”. We all sit too much, damn it I am sitting right now, and I bet you are too?  Apparently taking a brisk 30 minute walk 3 times a week, equates to and is perhaps more effective than taking medication. Sounds good to me. Walking with power, I must do more! Pass on the pills; pop on those running shoes!

We should try and treat exercise like medicine. Apples are good, but exercise, now that is the golden ticket to good health. So perhaps the trick is finding some form of physical activity you enjoy doing, stop procrastinating, at least stop sitting, and go and bloody do it.

Simple and effective. We all could exercise more. If only that pesky little issue called motivation could play the game too right?

Another brilliant point Steve Ilardi made on his tube of you video, was that overly ruminating in our lives can lead to a bad memory. Oh yeah. I concur. Apparently if you spend too much time in your head, and time on your own, thinking about your own life and all your challenges and plans and hopes and dreams and all sorts of other annoying pestering monkey brain thoughts, it can interfere with your ability to remember! Gosh, glad I cleared that one up. My memory has reverted to a low level of shocking this week; and I am going to put it down to overly ruminating.

To ruminate: ‘to think deeply about something’.  Well it seems more complex then that. It feels like you have about 948 programs running in your brain all at the same time, and in time, rather than being able to think clearly about anything, you cannot even clarify simple thoughts. I am surprised I can even write them down. Writing for me creates sense and order of my often manic mind. Thanks neighbour for pointing that one out. “You seem a little manic”. Geez, what a great first impression!

So in a nutshell, get off your butt, go outside and exercise and stop thinking so much!!

Over and out. Nice short one. Just to be succinct. Nut-shelly. Enjoy that nice little nut present.

Anita xx

This character from Ice Age kept coming to me as I finished this post. In forever pursuit of keeping his perfect nut. Facing dangers and constant challenges, this little guys obsession and persistence to keep his nut is admirable. Against all odds, his pursuit is never ending! No sitting around for him!

6 thoughts on “Ruminating into a tizzy.

  1. Great post Anita – something to ponder while I sit here on my butt. I am guilty of spending too much time with myself and going a bit manic too.

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  2. Head out for a power walk Rosie! 🙂 Glad you liked my post. I just love to write so much! I have been writing heaps lately! 🙂 Enjoy your day and try and get outside.

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