Toronto part 2: London, Brampton and Relocation.

A magic sunset one night in London Ontario.
A magic sunset one night in London Ontario.

Our time in London was coming to an end. It was time for one more hot tub experience, a spot of lunch and then onto Niagara Falls! We made it into Niagara on the lake by mid afternoon, and it was beautiful. Quaint old houses, a setting similar to the Forest Gump movie. We drove past scenic forest and great cycle paths, sadly the weather was dreary, light rain and coolish. We aimed for the butterfly sanctuary first up.

Beautiful butterflies at the Butterfly Sanctuary near Niagara Falls.
Beautiful butterflies at the Butterfly Sanctuary near Niagara Falls.

I love butterflies, I have always loved their delicate wings and brilliant colours. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing them fly around the green lush humid conservatory. I snapped away happily trying to get the perfect picture. The blue ones were very tricky to photograph, but I did manage to capture many of the black and white ones, and brown ones too. Not as pretty but still very nice.

I was very tired by the evening and ready for an early night. Being a tourist sure is tiring! I think it is so tiring because everything is new, your brain is constantly absorbing new scenery, and new things, your brain is in a constant state of flux. I still love travelling, don’t get me wrong, it is certainly not for the faint hearted.

My friend decided to move during my time staying with her. I did not mind as it was a big under taking with a baby. We packed and moved her life in one day from St Catharines to Brampton, so she could live closer to her school. I really liked her new space, lots of natural light, spacious living areas, timber floors, clean and a very bright positive conducive living area for raising a baby and starting a new beginning.
Unfortunately her last space was with her partner, and they were separating for various reasons. It is difficult when you do not like someones partner! I find it very hard at the best of times to keep my big mouth shout. I find it hard to see my beautiful friend be in a challenging and suppressing relationship. But we all make our choices in life, I hope the support and guidance I gave her, has helped her make some positive changes in her life. Even if I did want to punch someone in the face. Whoops, did I just say that? Ha!
Love the detail and colour in this shot.
Love the detail and colour in this shot.
My last day was spent relaxing mostly at home and a little walk around the new neighbourhood. I was really impressed with her new area, there were flowers everywhere and lots of greenery, and cheeky squirrels darting around the lawns. “The city of flowers” is an apt description of the area, and I happily captured some pretty flower shots in the local park.
I was super impressed by Gage park. In the winter time there is an ice rink circling around the outside of the park, and a place where you can rent ice skates, how cool is that? I would love to return in the winter next time to Canada, so I can make the most of the winter time activities. I also want to see an Ice hockey game and perhaps try out more skiing. And definitely take more photos in the snow!
Photography really helps to calm me, focus my attention and appreciate the beauty right before my eyes. I enjoy editing my images and making them just the way I want them to be, perfect to my eye. I love colour, brightness and the renewed perspective I can gain from ever new shot I take.
Look at the detail closely and you will see 2 bees! I love capturing these intricate details.
Look at the detail closely and you will see 2 bees! I love capturing these intricate details.
When I stayed with Jens Mum Susan, she told me her brother was a writer. Excellent! She told me about a couple of the books he had written and I was very intrigued. I love writers, books and all things writing, so of course I was engaged immediately! One of his books is being made into a movie, and they want Jake Gyllenhaal to play the lead role! So that is very exciting. I downloaded one of his books from Amazon called “Dreams in Black and White” and I really enjoyed it. I absorbed it eagerly in a few days, and would have read it sooner, but I was too busy! I am looking forward to downloading another once I have internet. I loved the way he wrote, his dreams and his passion for photography were both stimuli for his writing. I really like both of these subjects so it was inspiring for me to read. Also very motivating as I would also like to write a book. I will be continuing to work on my ebooks and have them out soon.
I am continuing to enjoy my travels, a new city every few days and visiting my friends has been awesome. Travelling really also make you appreciate the simple things in life.  Things like having a wifi connection, a place to wash your clothes, some yummy food to eat, and a comfortable place to sleep; these are the basic necessities to focus on! Having fun and enjoying my new surroundings are all a bonus!
I love the travelling experience, and after one month on my trip I am finally in a comfortable open and aware zone, feeling flexible and content. Travel enables me to learn, experience and absorb new information daily, and I love it!
My friend Jen and her little bundle of joy. They were a pleasure to spend time with!
My friend Jen and her little bundle of joy. They were a pleasure to spend time with!
My time in Canada was drawing to an end. And what an epic trip it has been so far! In one full month I started in Vancouver, travelled on a cruise ship to Alaska, stopping at Skagway, Ketchikan and Juneau, then Anchorage where we docked at Whittier. I travelled to see friends in Calgary and Edmonton and travelled through the Rocky Mountains to Jasper, Lake Maligne and the Ice Fields parkway. Finally I flew into Hamilton and travelled to St Catharines, London, Niagara region and Brampton. Canada in summer time has been amazing! Lots of pretty flowers and scenic landscapes, perfect for photography and for rejuvenating my soul. I feel ready to head to Europe for the next leg of my adventure! I have written all about these experiences in my past blogs, please take some time to catch up on them if you can.
Tonight I fly out to Iceland! I will spend 2 full days there and dedicate a whole post to this experience as I am certain there will be many beautiful images to capture. Until next time, adios amigos!
Anita xx
“Live your life gracefully, with awareness and gratitude. Life can change quickly or slowly, simply allow it to change, evolve and form into new directions.” ~ A.Ozolins

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