The Lazy Traveller: Breaking all the rules.

Be curious! And lazy... like these pigeons...
Be curious! And lazy… like these pigeons…
Some days you just want to rest. When you are travelling for weeks on end, there is nothing better than having a nice quiet, restful, do what you please kind of day. Like today. Today is one of those days.
I slept in. 630am my eyes flickered open, nah… too early… back to bed. 10.05am, yep time to get up lazy bum! I had at least 3 coffees, then sat on my computer for a good 3 hours. Meandering around sites, adding comments, adding groups, checking out new blogs, I am always open to new inspiration. I love to read other interesting articles, and see a well displayed and organised blog; to me it is like an art piece. A personal reflection of awesomeness. Add your blog in my comments if you think I would like your awesomeness.
I skipped breakfast, and had lunch. Soup, bread and some sliced meat and cheese. Lemon Yoghurt, more coffee, maybe some chocolate next. Today I am breaking all my rules and being lazy. Lazy lazy lazy.
I have been on the road for 5 weeks now, and lazy days are rare. In fact this is the first day I have really allowed myself time out to do as I please. Okay, maybe there was one other day on the cruise, I chilled out and slept during the day like a complete lazy bum. But hey, why not? I am on holidays. Holidays are a great excuse to break the rules, eat what you want, sleep when you want, stay up late, get up late, you know all the usual things we all want to do but cant because we all have to be so well behaved all the time.
Soon I will head out for a walk, take some photos, have a wander around my new  temporary neighbourhood. I move to another city in 2 more days, to Germany. I only stay in each place for a max of 5 days, and that to me is a long time, usually it is 2 or 3 nights. I like to move fast. Except when I am lazy, then everything is gloriously slow. Well slow for me, I still do things fast, but at a slower pace. Okay, now you can see I have had too much coffee!
So here is to having more lazy days while you travel or while you are not travelling! They are rare let’s face it! Allow yourself some time out to do things you have been avoiding, or just be. Just be yourself, do what you want, when you want, at whatever pace you choose. Allow yourself this freedom, the time, and joy to take your time and simply be lazy. Oh, and wear your comfy lazy pants. They help the whole process of being lazy…
Love Anita xx
P.S. If you read my last post on Cranky Pants, you can see I have moved from cranky to lazy, from pissed to ambivalent. An enjoyable transition! My cranky pants were flicked off well away and replaced with luxuriously soft comfy pants, bluey purple suede comfort invoking awesome laziness. Enjoy it while it lasts, your real self could catch up soon and convince you that yoga stretches and a jog around the block, or other active pursuits are the way to go! Okay time for another coffee…

2 thoughts on “The Lazy Traveller: Breaking all the rules.

  1. I just realised that my kind of lazy is so different from everyone else’s lazy…! But its been glorious… as the rain falls outside I am giddily content to type away here on my mac and continue to drink copious amounts of coffee and nibble on the most amazing dark chocolate here in Belgium! 🙂 xxx Take a day off! Be lazy, its awesome! xx

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