Weekend away to Jurien Bay and Cervantes

I was excited to get out of the city, and this time with a new bunch of friends. I normally travel solo so I am always happy to be able to join up with a group for some fun and frivolity. It felt like being on school camp again, so great! 

We set off mid morning Saturday for our long weekend adventure. Three of us drove up in my car and off we went, girls trip! Music to sing a long to and snacks to nibble on we were at Seabird Tavern for our first break in no time. Vistas over the sea, a slight pongee seaweed smell, a cool crispy wind, we had our first coffee. I love to explore new places, and even though I had driven past this seaside town multiple times, I have never stopped. We then ventured on to Lancelin, and it was heaving! Humans and dogs and kids everywhere. Queues for drinks and food were so off putting, that we decided to leg it back to Seabird, to meet a few of our other friends for lunch. It was a good choice.

The staff were really friendly, and the food delicious. I had my customary toastie; ham cheese and pineapple, and it was perfect. Even a few alcohol free beers, and I was giddy as a school girl! It must have been the placebo effect of the drinks around me, who knows, but I liked it! I have decided to take another little break from booze, almost 2 weeks now and I am feeling better for it already. After a few laughs, and more drinks, and a top up of warmth from the indoor sunny seat, we were ready to keep going. 

We then drove to Cervantes where we met another few friends. Quickly we jumped into one car and drove to the Pinnacles, a bizarre national park full of limestone rocks and unearthly formations. I had not been for years, and it was fun to explore and take some sunset photos.

That night we went for dinner at the Cervantes tavern, I had a delicious salad with garlic prawns and the food around me looked pretty good too! A fire crackling in the corner, we were happy with our choice, and enjoyed a casual and fun evening. Back at the house we had rented for the night, we played some ‘Cards against humanity’, a fun game to play in a group. Nibbling on chips and chocolate we were almost done for the evening. 

The next day we rose early, and jumped in our cars for Jurien Bay. Breakfast at the bakery, a quick stroll around the local market, and then we were onto the Boat Harbour. We had booked in a boat ride and snorkel with the sea lions. An adventurous idea for a few days into winter. With wetsuits and bravery, the water was actually not as cold as expected. The boat ride was choppy but exhilarating and fun to be out on the water, a rare experience. Once in the water, as promised the sea lions came out to play. I only saw a couple zooming past with curiosity. Being very territorial but playful, we were not allowed anywhere near the island, but simply played with them in the shallows off the island. I had a good swim around for 20 mins or so, and with some fairly unimpressive small fish to see, I was ready to jump out and relax on the boat with a hot drink! Other parts of the coastline massive schools of fish can be seen, and ofcourse conditions change all the time. Coral bay further up the coast, with its magical warmer waters boasts a huge array of tropical fish, we are so lucky in WA! 

We were all feeling exhilarated from the cold water and unique experience, so fun to be on a cool adventure! On our boat ride back we were treated to a random pod of dolphins, frolicking close to the boat. The boat stopped for us to ooh and ahh and take a few pictures. So beautiful, looked liked some baby dolphins were there too. 

On return we decided on checking out the new local brewery for some food and drinks, to satisfy our well earned appetite!

Wood fired pizzas and delicious beers and ciders all round, we were all pretty chuffed with ourselves. We had tried some new things, pushed out of our comfort zones, swam in freezing cold water and generally had a really fun weekend with newish friends. And taken some cool photos! 

Final stop at Yanchep on the way home

We then waved good bye to our friend who was heading further north to Karratha, wow was I jealous. I had just had a little taste for adventure again and really wanted to keep going. But no! Alas! It was back to Perth for me, where I am sure more local adventures await. 

Always so good to get away for a weekend, makes you feel like you are really making the most of your free time. I am already planning the next one!

Do you have any adventures planned?

Anita xxx 


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