A rolling stone gathers no moss.

This was my thought bubble this morning, and the inspiration for some art. I hope you like it. I feel like I receive all sorts of messages almost daily, for my own well being and perhaps for you too? I turn most of these ideas into art work, and other times more comes to me for some writing. A cathartic process in general!

I aim to do art everyday 🙂

It came to my realisation that I can truly make more progress in my life when I am staying still. Every time I move to a new place, I have this feeling like I am starting all over again. And as enjoyable as this is, it is also draining at times. I love the feeling of reinventing myself, and I have done this over and over again many times in my life. And I think I may do it a number of times more. For now though, I am enjoying this time of solitude, time to rest, and recoup, and get grounded in my own space and my own home once again. And through this process, I am achieving some growth. Finally I am gathering just a little moss. It ain’t no loss, to gather moss, makin’ me feel like a boss! See I am also a rapper…didn’t you know?

I am starting to pursue my art practise with more seriousness. I am getting closer to selling my work and looking at places I can exhibit for competitions. If I really got onto it I could start to put a range of products together for sale. I am very good at the creative ideas and making part, but not so good at the marketing and selling part!! Which is huge, and let’s face it, the biggest part of running a little business. One day it will happen! 

I really wanted to make this one a short and sharp one. I was close to leaving it but no, it is a good message worth sharing.

The truth is I like having periods of time where I stay still, rejuvenate at home, and then I am restored and reinvigorated and ready to go again. Adventure and curiosity continue to curse through my blood! And I love it!

Live your truth, 

Anita xx

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