Broome Part 2: Windjanna Gorge and Tunnel Creek adventure.

Broome was amazeballs, and as I am now back at work I am reminiscing about my glorious time in the sun. Arghh. If only I could be sitting by my plunge pool now… But life is about responsibilities, and working, and earning money, god damn it. With awesome highlights in between…So back I go, to share with you one of my other epic days out from Broome.

After my first weekend in Broome we decided to take an exciting day trip with the girl I was staying with. It was so much fun, and a really good way to see more of Broome. You definitely need a four wheel drive to get around all the good parts of Broome, and also a good tour company…

We set off super early for our day trip, and after a few hours found ourselves at the first place, Tunnel Creek. Now I am normally pretty claustrophobic and do not like caves, but as far as caves go, this one is pretty friendly. Dark, yes, bats and crocodiles yes, but not too overly cavernous and deathlike… The creepy red eyed crocodiles were certainly pretty scary though! They were fresh water ones, and small, so not interested in ripping our arms off…fortunately.

There were also plenty of bats! Hanging from the ceiling, getting mad at us when we would flash a light towards them…I wonder why!?

We also made a stop at the Derby prison tree, which has a very horrendous past of holding aboriginals captive back in the day. Awful. And you can feel the eeriness of the atmosphere and the oppression in the air. In amongst the buzzing blow flies and intense heat. Australia really does have an awful history, as does most countries.


After Tunnel creek we had a yummy lunch in the serenity of the outdoors, before moving on to the next destination. As we bumbled along the corrugated road of the Gibb River, we soon came across a massive wall of rock, the outskirts of Windjanna Gorge. I was super impressed by the sheer size and scale of the gorge, and to be honest I never knew it was even there.


My friend in the bottom corner taking a photo. So hard to capture the sheer size and impressiveness of this natural wonder.

We spent some time at the gorge, walking around, relaxing, trying not to freak out by the crocodiles. They were small ones, but hey, they can run really fast!


After the gorge we made our way back towards Broome. By sun down we stopped at a great roadhouse for a really delicious dinner, I had a tasty lump of meat and vegetables. Just what I needed to satisfy my belly after a full day of activities.

Overall the tour was great, so good to meet some new people, explore more of WA and see the many beautiful places on the outskirts of town. Thanks to Kimberley Wild for such a fabulous day out!

Anita xx

One more post on Broome to come!!

5 thoughts on “Broome Part 2: Windjanna Gorge and Tunnel Creek adventure.

  1. What a wonderful landscape. I would love to make it to Australia some time and explore the country to see the diversity of the landscape. I thought that tree looked fascinating and pretty appealing and then I read your summary of its history. Utterly horrible.

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