Where dreams are made.

My garden brings me much joy and I spend a lot of my free time outside pottering around, nursing my plants and flowers, watering, pulling weeds, listening to birds chirping and swooping from branch to branch, and eagerly watching the progress of my garden which is not even one yet! This afternoon I was in the mood for some creative photography, and here is the result.


Roses are big in my garden. The man upstairs tends to the ones in the front garden and I have a few planted in my back garden. I have recently planted two Pierre de Ronsard climbing roses so I am excited to see their progress. So far nothing too exciting there, but sure to share in time to come.

The colour palette here is very soothing to me. These are my colours, blues, reds, orange, purples, it just makes me feel so relaxed and uplifted. Really I have a multi-coloured garden but these are the main colours you will see.

From here I sit in my chair, admiring my garden, its progress, the daily changes, some things growing better than others; new flowers, bees hovering, butterflies fluttering here and there. I sit here and dream up my next plans in life, and wonder what could be? It is a very peaceful spot to sit, and my favourite thing to do is sit here in very little clothing!! I love the sun and for once in my life I have my own private piece of paradise. I moved into this space 9 months ago, and it is amazing how much has grown since I arrived. I started everything from scratch, so I am excited to see how it will all grow in time to come.

Flowers bring me so much joy, and I often see faces in their petals. If you look closely at the photo with the chair, you can sort of see a face of what appears to be a young man in the petals to the right of the image. I can see it. And it comforts me that there are spirits in my garden!

Hope you have enjoyed some of the beauty I have grown!

Anita xx

10 thoughts on “Where dreams are made.

  1. what a gorgeous garden. xx
    I love pottering in mine. Its a bit more ‘wild and expansive’ than yours but the joy of pottering, pulling a weed , removing a dead head. Its better than councelling!1 A true stress buster and mind massager. Unfortunately I don’t have nearly as much time to do it as I would like or feel I need

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  2. Oh you need to make time for your garden and ‘me’ time! Gardening really calms me down, nothing better than being out there bare foot and topless! Lol 😉

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