Tips on STAYING off Alcohol.

I am back on my stallion of sobriety and feeling great. I feel so much better without drinking that I feel compelled to share some tips on how to stay off booze. Many of us have stayed off alcohol for a period of time, and then after awhile, you ponder the idea of going back to drinking. Can I drink moderately? Can I just be a social drinker? Or will you creep back to your old damaging and debaucherous ways? The truth is it is easy to slip back into bad old habits. I am here to share with you some insights and some helpful tips to keep on the straight and narrow.

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Giving up drinking is not for everyone. One must be strong, resist the flinching stares, and basically not give a shit what other people think. But when we get over this social hurdle, we begin to realise the many benefits of an alcohol free lifestyle, and realise life really is so much better without the need to feel inebriated.

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Avoiding alcohol brings on a whole new sense of clarity. For some, this clarity is too much, they like the bullshit, they like the ‘fuzz’. Once you have made your mind up on it though, we begin to see the world in a  very different way. You notice with more awareness the very negative effects drinking can have on our mind, body, and brain health and as a society as a whole. It seems that everyone is living in a blur, well the drinkers are anyway. Why don’t they want to face their reality? Because reality can be a complete bitch for many people. The truth is, we need to change our lives so we are happy with our every day, and not knock ourselves out with cider, wine or spirits to help deal with the pain of our existence.

We live in such a privileged way in the western world, any one who is actually reading this blog right now is more fortunate than about 95% of the worlds population. But many throw their good fortune away, or piss it up against the wall (an Aussie expression for getting drunk). We earn so much, we spend so much, we surround ourselves with the best of material things but feel empty and disconnected. What really is the answer? Who the hell knows, but what I do know is adding alcohol to the mix turns the whole scenario into a shit storm.

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I felt motivated to write this post as a part two to my very successful post on Tips on Giving Up Drinking. To date it has received over 75’000 views, which by far is my most popular article. Once you decide to give up drinking for a certain period of time or indefinitely, here are some tips to help you stay off drinking alcohol:

  1. Avoid places where people are drinking. If you are easily influenced and find it hard to say no, stay away from places where people are chugging back the beers. Good for them (well not really), but not for you right now. Avoiding the visual and social cues to drinking will make the process easier. It may only be for a few weeks or even the first month until you have your head around it, trust me, it does make it easier.
  2. Get rid of all the alcohol in the house. If you have a spare bottle of wine or a random few ciders kicking at the back of your fridge, your little brain will find them and want them. Removing all alcohol from the point you decide you don’t want to drink it anymore will help. Give it away, pour it down the drain, and don’t just drink the last one then no more…it doesn’t work like that! From the minute you decide, get rid of all of it! You might waste a couple of bucks sure, but you will gain those back very quickly, which leads me to my next point.
  3. Think of all the money you will be saving! If it helps to write down how much you normally spend on drinking each week, you now have that money spare. Write down some new goals and ways to spend your money to reward yourself for being so darn good. New shoes? Holiday goals? Hey you could buy a new car in a year depending on how bad your drink problem is! On average heavy drinkers would spend $200 to $500 a week, depending on those big nights out, taxi fares, boozy dinner parties etc. That’s a whopping $26’000 in one year. The bigger the drinker you are the more you will save! Boom!
  4. Create new exercise goals. Exercise is our friend. Physical movement is not only good for our bodies it is good for our brains and generally it is social. Join a new sports team or simply come up with a walking or jogging plan, there are so many options!
  5. Go outside into the fresh air and sunshine. If you are feeling blue and need a pick me up, there is nothing more refreshing than the great outdoors. Plan that camping trip or hiking adventure you have been wanting to do for years. It is amazing how much more motivated we can be to do all these fun things.
  6. Get creative. Now your brain has more clarity, your brain cells will be functioning at an all time high. Put that brain power to use and be more creative. Do stuff that interests you! It might be start a new project, make something, draw or paint something, write something, or read a good book. Do something with your hands and be productive and creative. You will want to channel all that new energy into something fun, so think laterally and come up with some new ideas.


Personally I can come up with a million reasons why it is better not to drink. I am not saying I will give up forever, but what I do know is I am better functioning, happier and healthier human without alcohol. I hope these tips can help you to resist drinking, to help stay off drinking and hopefully help you to feel better about life.

Love Anita xx

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