Rollerskating Revival

Rollerskating has always been one of my favourite things to do on this planet. It makes me excited even talking about it. Oh the thrill of rolling on four wheels! I started to skate as a child, always in keen admiration of the frilly short flowy skirts the more professional girls would glide around in. I always wanted to be better and do more tricks and go faster, and backwards and stop with such elegance and precision. And now is the time baby!


Two years ago when life sucked and my Mum died, I did something completely random and bought myself some purple suede roller-skates. I bought them to cheer myself up, their bright rolling potential brought me so much joy in a very bleak time. It took me a year to use them, and only recently I have mustered up some company to get more into skating regularly.

Recently I went to my first learn how to skate class at Morley Rollerdrome, and I loved it! In amongst 5 year olds and a sprinkling of other adults, we all bumbled along and learnt to roll on one foot, how to T stop, how to scissor glide and how to crouch and roll. I was in my element. Glistening with sweat and a smile from ear to ear I continued to roll around after the class, feeling elated and enjoying the boppy feel good tunes.

Rollerskating is such an enjoyable sport, for all ages. At the rink I met a few adults and high-fived a couple of kids, and quite frankly had a ball. It really is a great work out too. If you are looking for a new kind of exercise that is fun for all ages, why not give rollerskating a go?


When was the last time you went rollerskating? Here are more four main benefits of rollerskating in case I have not convinced you so far:

  1. It is really fun!
  2. Skating is really social, you can meet new people and skating around the rink with a friend is a good way to catch up.
  3. It is excellent exercise. You will alway work up a sweat skating and you won’t even notice you are working out. Its great to use all your core muscles and work those leg muscles to get more toned and in shape.
  4. Rollerskating is a great to improve your mood. Skating is not just an excellent all over body work out, ย it also serves to boost your mental health. How can purple suede roller-skates not make you feel awesome!? Plus there is always music to skate along to, adding to the mood boost on the rink.


I would like to be able to skate outdoors eventually. Looking online at skating videos this morning in the early hours when I couldn’t sleep, I was thrilled to see sporty, athletic, curvaceous feminine women spinning, and wheeling and performing cool tricks out doors as they skated around cities, roads and ramps. Their freedom and confidence was inspiring, their skill level enviable. They didn’t care if they fell over, they would just get back up and skate on. An excellent and admirable attitude to have in life.


Skating has certainly given me a motivational boost, why not give it a go sometime? What is one new thing in your life that is putting a smile on your face?

Anita xx



8 thoughts on “Rollerskating Revival

  1. Go for it Laura! There is always a skating rink nearby, let me know how you go! ๐Ÿ™‚ Glad I have inspired you! ๐Ÿ™‚ I am too chicken to skate out side yet, as there are too many hills around where I live. I like it nice and flat and even ground for now! And I can’t stop very easily yet, but I am learning. It is great to be learning new skills ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

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