Sausage Festival.

Recently I had the rare opportunity to participate in a sausage making festival at my friends farm. More descriptively I helped make home made chorizo sausages under the expert direction  of two older Italian men in a shed full of pork cutting, beer swilling, joke making country men. And I loved every minute of it!

Early morning sunrise on the farm.

My friends own a farm in the south west, and on this day in their massive shed is where the sausage making was held. This is an annual event and I felt happy to be a part of it. I love getting out to the countryside, fresh air, green rolling hills, fields of bursting yellow canola, and wide breath taking spaces. It is always a treat to get out of the busy city confines!

I left Perth late Friday afternoon, tentative to drive too long in the dark, sadly it was unavoidable mid Winter. The dark night approached fast, my only solace, the bright guiding stars on a crisp cloudless cold night. The dark country roads were peaceful, although I missed out on the scenery and felt paranoid about roos, I mostly enjoyed the drive down. I made good time and soon was with my friend celebrating.

After an early night and a brisk walk to start the day, I was ready for a big day of fun, drinks, pork and good times. Did I say pork? Wow, I don’t think I have ever eaten so much pork in one weekend! And it was marvellous!!

They also have chickens and I was pretty excited to go fetch some freshly laid eggs in the morning for breakfast. Winning! How cute is that fluffy white one in the mid background?

We started with drinks and nibbles with the ladies in the main house, and as fun as that was I was itching to get stuck into sausage making and participate in some pork eating! We made our way down to the sheds and soon I felt like one of the boys. Nibbling on ribs and chunks of fresh bbq’d cuts of pork in between chats and beer and jokes and sausage tying, pretty much sums up the rest of the afternoon. It was not a good sight for a vegetarian that’s for sure; but being a happy meat eater I was in my element. Sprinklings of salt brought out even more flavour from the juicy chunks of soft pork, wiping grease from my hands and mouth I felt happy to be part of this almost tribal ritual.

Being a woman I felt like I was invading the man world, but wow was it fascinating!! The boys made me feel welcome and conversation never dried up. The pork kept coming and the drinks stayed cold, it really was one of the best days I have had in a long time.

These are the sausages that we made. They hang to dry for at least a month and then we get to enjoy eating them! That part I am looking forward to!

The next day we all sat around together and had breakfast, bacon of course. We went out for a drive around their property not long after, and soon, before I knew it, the weekend was almost over. I was lucky to stay for one more meal, pork of course, the juiciest softest and tastiest pork sausages I have ever had!


It is so great to have friends who live in the country. I always love visiting my friends and getting out of the busy city. I felt renewed and replenished socially, and whole heartedly after visiting my friends. They are always so welcoming and inclusive, showing me family life in the best way possible. I love their role modelling and wish for this one day in my own life. Thanks L for such a fabulous weekend, the memories will stay with me for a long time. I am looking forward to trying that chorizo when it is ready! Surprisingly I am not all porked out!

These amazing canola fields were my view on the drive home. I love canola!

After telling a few people about my sausage making festival experience, other farming friends have told me that they also make their own sausages. This is a popular farmy thing to do, and I am so pleased I had the chance to be a part of it.

When was the last time you made it out to the country?

Love Anita xx

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