Part 13: Salacious Santorini.


Sleep eluded me for the first 36 hours on the island; who needs to sleep when you have landed on one of the most magical places on Earth? Volcanic, high peaked hills, sandy and rocky, yellows and pinks and blue hues flashing intermittently, this was my kind of place. I had landed in heaven, Anita heaven.
My little apartment came complete with a pool, practically private as there seemed no one else around. I swam repeatedly in the cool water on my first morning, a wide grin, and out loud chuckle exploding from my soul; I was happy, I was extremely giddy with delight to finally arrive to the paradise of the Greek Islands.
I arrived late by plane from Helsinki, all very smooth connections and with an unexpected leaving dinner with my hosts in Helsinki the previous night, I felt pretty chuffed with myself. My hosts in Helsinki had been wonderful, generous and warm people, complete with 2 cuddly lap and boob sitting cats, it felt like another home away from home, my kind of travelling accomodation.
A young greek man collected me from the airport, making my transition to my hotel easy and straight forward. As we were so close to where I was staying he pulled in to show me a magical view from a wine bar on the way; impulsively I suggested a drink, he accepted! With clinking glasses of rosè, we chatted about life, the energy of Santorini and anything we could manage between my non existent Greek and his basic English. He was impressed I was travelling solo, hopefully inspired, and I encouraged him to follow his heart and seek out his own travels.
With gleeful anticipation I arrived to my new abode, ecstatic to see I had my own private balcony, epic views, and bright pink bougainvillea weaving its blossoms through the entire lot, all so perfect. I felt like company and soon through mystical powers of the internet I had a lovely man from Belgium join me for the evening. We swam in the pool, enjoyed a drink on the balcony, and the rest you can use your imagination. Needless to say there was very little sleep involved…
Cacophanic sounds of birds, screeching, howling, chirping, mixed with honking, zooming, revving scooters; right outside my window made sleeping in virtually impossible. Somehow I felt refreshed after very little actual sleeping. I decided to spend the morning by the pool, reading, soaking up some sun, and generally feeling happy with my state of affair. Santorini, you delicious island, finally I am here to enjoy every ounce of you.
I made my way out at lunch time for a bite to eat, and to explore my local little town of Megalochori. I enjoyed a light meal, keen on eating only greek food as much as possible, I succeeded with an eggplant dip and some tzatziki; and a refreshing strong cold coffee. With sweet black caffeinated fluffed up greek style coffee cursing through my veins, my intended afternoon siesta became almost impossible. Who needs sleep anyway right?
After my chance encounter with Mr Belgium, I was invited out for a dinner with his clients on my second night in Santorini. I felt lucky to finally be seeing the epic views first hand that Santorini notoriously brags about. We inched our way through to the sunset spots, overwhelmed by incessant sunset crazy crowds. To be fair the setting of the sun was not that awe inspiring, considering I see a sun setting into the ocean 5 minutes from my house on a frequent occasion. Still, I was in Santorini, and like a good little white furry pack animal, I snapped away trying ruthlessly to avoid heads and posers and selfie takers.
We made it to dinner by the sea side with breath taking views. My non drinking company didn’t stop me from celebrating on the inside with a glass of Prosecco, my drinking days have returned (I have not quite made a fuss about this fact as yet on my blog, so there you go…), and I was enjoying myself immensely. We ordered from the over priced menu, but had I known our host was paying, I would have joined her in devouring a half juicy lobster on a mound of pasta. I went for the conservative option of meatballs with mint, a little too meaty, and needed more salad or vegetable accompaniment; nonetheless I was satisfied.
We walked to the edge of a rocky out crop after dinner to admire the dark star twinkling sky and soft light breeze, if only I had someone to snuggle up with to enjoy this romantic spot. No wonder honeymooners frequent Oia, it really is a very special place, besides the hordes of cash flowing tourists and sunset obsessed.
My first few days in Santorini had been blissful. A good combination of relaxing, light touring and meeting some new people.   I happily extended my stay in my hotel complete refreshing pool by an extra night to take in a full day trip to a Volcano and boat cruise. All that and more in my next post!
Stay tuned! I hope my post is inspiring you to travel and book your next holiday immediately!
Love Anita xx
Come and say hi,
don’t by shy,
this is not goodbye,
shoo fly,
oh my,
don’t cry,
because life is awesome when you live it day by day in awesome places like Santorini eh (That’s for you Andy from Canadian Anita);
come see it through my eye.
I am a poet and I didn’t even know it.
Life of a solo traveller, seeking endless personal amusement, always laughing on the inside, and the outside…
P.S. I am single and looking for a hot husband to join me on my epic adventures! Know anyone brave enough?? Must have big balls (aka brave and tough), can carry big bags and a big wallet. Jokes! Lol. Now I am really laughing on the outside. Haha! But I am not actually joking about the part about wanting a husband… all serious offers considered (mostly lightly).

9 thoughts on “Part 13: Salacious Santorini.

  1. Aaaaahhhh the memories. I remember being surprised by the fact that it actually was all white and blue; just like the postcards…and the hills??!!! Oh and the moussaka; some fabulous times. Beautiful photos.

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